Monday, July 04, 2005

Mahabharat Movie.. A trilogy

Samip sent me a link to an article about a Mahabharat Movie Trilogy being made with SRK, Aamir and Rani.

"The trilogy will capture the battles, intrigues, spiritual complexity and cultural aesthetics of India, 4,000 years ago. This will be my big project for the next three years," says Bedi, adding that he discovered the power of the Mahabharata's storyline after reading Girish Karnad's script for Agnivarsha.

Read the article for character insights. Mani Ratnam is said to direct this one.

Good... I always believed that the Indian Epics have great potential as mega movies... lets hope it gets made properly.

What do you people think?



  1. Ya , I always had a special atttraction towards the abhimanyu story....gr8 stuff......a lone young warrior fighting admist treacherous Enemies........this is the stuff movies are made of.

  2. Not bad !! but if SRK is going to act I might not like it. He did not look all that good in Asoka !

    In fact SRK doesn't fit in many of the roles. It looks as if SRK is trying to act for a person with some profession XYZ.

    Even if he is a truck driver, it will look as if SRK is driving a truck. Movie me to aisa nahin lagna chahiye :D

    Amir fits better. Lets see :)

  3. i studder with fear what "secular brigade" to which SRK belongs to will manipulate the story ... amir is more honest artist that SRK ...

  4. ChaPPy ChaP1:53 AM

    Well I don't like any of the castings for these films.if I were doing this project i would use unknown actors, because I feel you will be able to connect more with the characters on a stronger, emotional level, and it will be more pure and true to the entire context....right now you're going to see SRK acting in a religious figure, you're not going to see Krishna or whatever character he is acting as, you're only going to see big rich superstar SRK..and Rani as Draupadi..pleeeease! we're dealing with religion here, its going to cause some controversy at a certain ethical level! well the film better be good!

  5. Bullshyt now Bollywood goin to exploit this rich epic of india, How can SRK and Rani mukharji can act in such a story? cannot digest SRK only can work in Karan Johars movies

  6. Aamir Khan refused to work in the movie(Juhi-SunnyDeol-ShahRukh) because he objected of being bashed too much..

    So in that terms.. he would not take Karan role as Arjun kills him at the end. But yeah Karan was the main macho guy..

    But Mahabharat real Hero is Arjun..

  7. Anonymous12:24 AM

    i think... dis movie 'll rock...
    coz main xcitment is SRK-Aamir 2gether.
    in regards to casting... i prefer
    SRK as Arjun, Aamir as Karan, Anil kapoor as Yudhistir, and Sanjay dutt as Duryodhan... etc...
    an ya Arshad Warsi as Krishna..
    and rani is defntly fits for draupadi..
    and u guyzz.. who told u tht, they r our gods n all(except Krishna) ...if u think...they are not fits for religious character...
    den go deep in d story, den u find, draupdi had physical relation wid 5 different guyz(all d pandavas)

  8. I wanted to make this Mahabharat trilogy.

    My star cast

    Bheeshma-Amitabh Bacchan
    Duryodhan-Sunny Deol
    Yudhistir-Akshay Kumar
    Arjun-Abhishek Bacchan
    Bhim-Suniel Shetty
    Karna-Ajay Devgan
    Vidur-Om Puri
    Shakuni-Paresh Rawal

    This is the major star-cast
    SRK might be SRK also as Krishna
    but then if trained the same way he was trained as Mohan Bhargav of Swades he could do wonders

  9. Anonymous4:39 PM

    karan is the real hero in mahabharta he is also better than arjun but because he got a curse arjun killed karan.

  10. Anonymous1:46 AM

    I think that The Mahabharat could be,in the hands of a good director, the greatest epic movie in history. Arjun is consider the hero because he is the cousin and personal friend of Lord Sri Krishna. I hope someday this history could reach every movie theather in the world. All glories to Sril Prabhupad!!!

  11. i feel every body in mahabharata tells us somethimg about our life but in that i liked "karan" the most he is bon hero man!!(kavach,kundal)

  12. i feel hrithik will suit as arjun,amitabh as bhism,om puri as viddhur,naseerudin shah as dritirastra,madhuri as druapadi,bobby deol as bhim,akshay as yudister,arun rampal as karan,sunny deol as duryodhan,rahul dev as dushshsan

  13. Aditya5:27 PM

    u know all the mahabharat character should look well developed n guy like srk wont suit in any character.........with aamir goin magical day by day like his movies 3 idiots he deserve the role of krishna n

    surely no other role suits for srk .......... mayb Pandu. specially after his performance in film like ashoka he dnt desrve a place in this epic n plz dnt get biased bcos he is king khan ur imagination with BR Chopra mahabharat were every1 look Macho,Virile and think n suggest......