Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Marry me : I love your sibling!

Got this story from various sources about how a 19 year old girl entered into a contract marriage with her lover's elder brother since the guy was not of age [he is 19 while in India, guys need to be 21 to get married].

Good one. A smart move - or is it? The girl's mom has expressed concern as to what if the current husband does not divorce the girl and/or the guy does not want to marry the girl. Given that a lot of "love" that happens at this age is not really long-lasting, I can only pray for this couple [I mean the one that wants to get married, not the one which is married on paper].

This brings me to the next point, about how a good friend of mine, a grad student at USC, has been thinking of entering into a similar "contract marriage" with some grad student girl so that he can get the cheaper and better USC family housing. If someone in Gujarat can do this, why cannot someone in LA ??

P.S. Found this cool CD of "Rishi Kapoor" songs... amazing... also found a CD of "Shammi Kapoor" songs today.. life is good.


  1. Shalini10:53 PM

    Its seems like marriage is a just a drama for these guys.Feel really sorry for the parents who have brought such children.

  2. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Marriage is a legal contract, simple and pure. A couple may have deep feelings and feel like soul mates who want to spend the rest of the life together. They could continue doing that (because obviously they did feel it without getting married). The reason to marry is the legal binding it gives on rights to offsprings, property, etc. (mainly because they don't feel confident the same feeling of love, concurring with the author, will continue and want to safeguard their legal itnerests. Let's not get wrapped up in society's preoccupation with marriage. The marriage contract does not give anyone control over how the other person feels.

  3. Well marriage is now a matter of convinience. The older form of marriage no more exist. Marriage is more of a live-in-relationship with more responsibility to the husband. Now when we are talking more about women's liberationa and other things I think we also must accept this phenomenon as it is.