Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Someone Loves Me :-)

I got my TA feedback for Spring 2005 back today. Nice to know that the students liked my teaching - the biggest negative point: I speak too fast :P.

The best part was the image below.... well.. I love you too [just as I love all my students]! :-)

Cute... what do you think?

In other news, I saw this page about vintage bollywood posters on boingboing today. Really cool!



  1. That was really cute :)

  2. are you sure that remark was for you and not me? :-)

  3. Well... since the sketch has a french beard, I guess it was for me only :D

  4. That was wonderful ! I am touched. My friend from IIT Bombay is TA for my course. He has to sit in the class this year too. Well That will make his fundae rock bottom stable right?!

  5. Thats a real sweet comment. Advice: Keep your PJ's away from this person coz you will run into a situation of loosing your only admirer :D

  6. Anonymous6:08 AM

    I always new that anybody, who will attend your classes, would certainly love you and praise the teacher in you.
    I am very happy to note this.
    Wishing you many maore such remarks and achievements.
    Anil K Tripathi

  7. Lakku9:03 AM

    kool .. im surprised how can smbdy lov u ;) .. juss kidding !!!


  8. congrats dude ... this will for sure be an inspiration for all the gre aspirants at the insti ... :) how about a lecture for the current students at insti :) ... just kidding ... congrats again ... aur party due rahi

  9. Swedha4:07 PM

    Mmmmm... U look cuter than what I had actually picturised you !!!
    Glad to know that at least someone loves you ,,, Hope it's one of the women you went for your nature's worship with !!! ;)

  10. finally someone liked u..congrats for the debut...long way to go :P

  11. Anonymous9:26 PM

    what a geek.. dude.. you seriously need to get some..