Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More on the new JEE pattern

It is official now, the pattern of the IIT-JEE has changed effective Monday Sep. 12, 2005. [more reports on the same]

We talked about it before on this blog, and here are the final changes: [link to full text of official press release]

1. You must have at least 60% in class XII.
2. You can appear only twice - once in the year when you are taking your class XII exam and once in the next year.
3. The JEE would include short write-ups on various topics followed by objective questions based on the write-up.
4. No screening.. only one exam.
5. Those choosing to take a seat for the first time cannot reapprear the next year.

I really like point 3 - makes it kinda like reading comprehension of GRE and other tests. I am waiting to see some questions like that.

These rules look kinda nice... I mean 60% is not too unachievable a score.

The only controversial thing I see here is the "take-JEE-only-twice" limit. You can see that this is basically meant to discourage coaching institutions, but is it fair?

And what about point 5 - is it fair or a bit too much?

As always, I [and other readers] shall wait for your comments. Please don't forget to leave your name and other details while commenting.

Ph.D Student, Univ. of Southern California


  1. Anonymous12:52 AM

    I believe it's a fair deal. We may not have a consensus on all the changes that've been made but more or less it's a welcome change. The 2-year restriction will make it a level playing field for the students. I think it's only true that a person who can crack the IITJEE can atleast score 60% marks in class XII. The new pattern will test the understading of concepts and i believe it'll help in getting rid of the hectic preparation.

    so all in all i welcome the change.

  2. Anonymous3:28 AM

    i believe it is a foolish decision as a student if not worked hard in his +2, this decision may completely jeopardise its career, and what he scored in +2 can never be taken as only criteria to judge whether he can sit in jee, it should be a fair competition and all sholud be invited and only the exam can judge who will make through it.

  3. Anonymous3:32 AM

    this decision has its flaw it will stop people with good skill but may be due to any avoidable or unavoidable reason could not score in boards

    this is an unfair decision and must be taken back

  4. Anonymous7:32 AM

    The changes seems to be very good except the point no.5. There is already point no2 which prevents students appearing in JEE for more than 2 times, which I personally feel is very good. But after this point no.5 is not required. Rest all is very good.

  5. Anonymous11:13 AM

    The whole thinking goes seems to go against what IIT-JEE has been testing for decades.

    The 1st point hardly makes any sense as I have seen hardly anycase where a JEE-cracker couldn't ever manage 60% marks in class-XII. Further, this makes a rediculous indifference to the marking-standards btw CBSE/ICSE boards (known for showering marks) against various state-boards.

    Then comes the 2nd point which by any standards is the worst criteria. Can't understand any logic behind it.

    The 3rd point is another big-blow to the standard of JEE. For decades JEE targetted the problem-solving skills of a student and parallel approaches to thinking, which can hardly be judged by objective-type problems completely ever. Judging candidates on writeups on subjective topics would further introduce vague differences in evaluating answers, putting pressure on linguistic skills of a student in explaining his answers rather than cracking the problem in hand.

    The whole point of reducing stress of students seems so flawed in a country where a normal college education in releams of pure-science and arts leads students to no-where. Inspite of changing the pattern the bottom-line will stay as it is i.e. of nearly 200,000 students only some odd 3500 will make it every year and the stress of being in those chosen few will remain irrespective of what pattern the exam follows.

    All I can say is I am really anguished at the decision by the people concerned and such steps will only dilute the values and norms for which IIT-JEE is known for.


  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    This decision is an absolute foolishness.

    The prestigious IIT JEE will loose it's glory if this crap idea is implemented as the standard of JEE will definitely go down.This new pattern will not be to test the problem solving skills of the aspirant.

    There shouldn't be any restriction based on the marks obtained in +2. Everybody should be given equal opportunity to get into the best institutes of India so that the best survives.

    In the end, I can't find any logic in implementing these ideas. So these decisions should be taken back.

  7. Two attempts is kind of okay for JEE. Otherwise, people keep on preparing for several years and waste their time. In recent years, there have been growing opportunities in areas other than engineering as well. 60% limit is also not that harsh. People cracking the JEE can get 60% even in the state boards. It would be even better if all the engg. colleges in India take students from one exam only. It's just wastage of money and time to prepare for 3-4 different exams. E.g. in 1994-95 besides the regular JEE preparation, we used to prepare statics and dynamics for Roorkee and MNR entrance exams.

  8. ..all of us aware of the "efficiency" and "fairness" of the XII Board Exams .. its a "sorcerous" stone where "anything" is plausible .. in an attempt to "restore the sanctity of school system and reduce the influence of the coaching classes" .. it will jeopardize the careers of many .. also ..limiting the attempts makes no sense at all .. there are some regional boards (and specially hindi medium schools) where students start their preparation after XII and donot take JEE in their intermediate year .. for them limiting the number of attempts is hard-bitten .. minimum attempts upto 3 yrs would have been more sensible ...

  9. Anonymous6:10 PM

    The most foolish decision taken the HRD ministry. My younger brother has given his qualifying examination in 2004, but he did not prepare for JEE with class 11th and 12th. He did give exam in 2005, qualified screening but could not qualify mains. SO he decided to give another attempt. After all, it was his second attempt. If it is fair enough to prepare for JEE from class 11th itself, prepare for two years in class 11th and 12th and then give an attempt, and after this, prepare for one more year and give JEE, then why isn't it for my brother, when this will also be his second attempt.

    Why is he today disqualified for giving the exam. Just because he did not start preparing for JEE from class 11th or 12th itself. How can anybody take such a decision, and that too in the month of september of the year 2005 for JEE 2006.

    And this is not the plight of my brother only. There are so many students who are going to be affected by this decision.

    Getting rid of coaching institutes is the arguement people give. No, now focus will shift to start coaching from class 11th, if not from class 9th or 10th.

    The new exam pattern will reduce stress. But will anybody tell me who will guarantee that the professors at IITs will also reduce their level , to reduce the stress students may face while doing their courses. After all, in IITs , it is competing with the best brains of the country.

    Can anybody tell me does my brother and so many other kids deserve the
    trauma they are currently undergoing by this decision taken by few fools who are currently occupying the top places in the ministry ... Bastards (forgive me) ... but that is what they are ...

  10. well I did drop out of Biotech Dual @ IITD to join up CSE Btech @ IITKGP, so i might not be the right person to comment on "reappearing after joining". but yea i do feel there is a strong need to curb the coaching practices as well as two year limit. but i m not saying this for maintiaing the quality in IIT sorta thing. But some innnocent aspirants ruin their life afer JEE. yes they need to be saved from that pain.

  11. i think point 5 is very legitimate bcoz of two factors...
    if a student is in mood of droping, he doesnt care for his 1st year studies and in case he does not get selected (probability of occurence of which is very high) will be very bad for his future.
    also once u r dropping a seat u r waisting an opportunity for other competitor and i dont think that there are too much good colleges in INDIA that wastage of a seat will not do harm.
    As far as other changes are concerned i appreciate them except for the one which says exam will be of objective type.
    I thing one required characteristic
    f an engineer is to relate different physical phenomenos which i dont can be tested fully with an objective type paper.u shud be capable of explaining these.

    Arun Kumar Mishra
    JEE 2003

  12. yogesh upadhyaya3:03 AM

    I think it is a well thought-out plan. Any change after a long time invokes resistance, but the underlaying principles are solid.

    a)The IIT-coaching class activities will be curbed. In Kota alone, there are 400 coaching classes catering to 40,000 students/yr for IIT-JEE. By one estimate, JEE coaching (both classes and private) business is estimated at about Rs. 3,000 crores/yr-3 times the govt. spending on all the seven IITs!

    b) 60% marks are welcome. I have seen students clearing IIT exam but failing in board exams!

    c) There is a limit to human ability to devise new types of questions each year, and JEE has become a predictable exam. Coaching classes teach only short-cut, such as a rat is trained to look for a cheese inside a maze.


    Yogesh Upadhyaya
    chem77, IT-BHU

  13. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I am not in favour of allowing to take JEE only Twice,Because there are students from rural areas of the country who start preparing for JEE only after they finish their 12th and joining some coaching in a city .So the rural ares students have disadvantage over students from a city who have added advantage of doing coaching in parallel with their 12th .

  14. Anonymous5:49 AM

    State board award not very high marks in the examinations conducted by them. For example somebody who scores 58% in UP Board can possibly get at least 68% in other central Board examination. So the question is 60% of which board?
    Two attempts only of New JEE may be okay but they should not count attempts of the older JEE that upto 2005.
    The pattern of question may be whatever they want but afterall you neeed to select 4000 students out of some 1.5 lakhs people and hence JEE has to be a tough business. Only one exam may prove to be better than two for testing the intellectual capability if the questions are framed properly. MCQs of various types are possible.
    Why SAT is not that difficult as JEE?
    Why western countries are not interested in Conductin JEE type examinations for admission to their undergrad studies in well known universities?
    These are some questions we should be concerned with.
    Related questions are:
    How to improve Indian postgraduate studies?
    How can PG programmes attracy the best of brains that our society does have?
    What will happen to our premier institutions if motivatede and qualified persons will refrain from joining academics? Please note that many people in IITs and other institutions of repute are nearing retirement age.

  15. Nice and well-thought out rules. Hopefully, coaching institutes now feel the heat instead of starting new subjects like 'Write-up making' etc. Also, since the number of attempts are going down, many students would still go for the Coachings to 'play safe'.
    But definitely, over a period of time, the rules will change the trends and get the board exams the seriousness they deserve. Full Marks to the committee.

  16. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Any decision taken on the 'biased
    backgrounds can never be better.
    The changes in JEE pattern is aimed to hit COACHING classes. This is a totally negative appraoch. In fact the persons responsible for this change are jealous of the fame, popularity and monetary gains of the the coaching classes. One should not forget that no field is there even the cricket where for excellence, good guidance is required. In coachings the what wrong is done? Is it wrong to teach any student who himself appraoched the coaching class? In fact the students having thirst of knowledge and deprived of good
    teachers get an opportunity at good coaching classes. Specillay the students of village background
    are the real beneficiaries of the coaching classes. One can look at the data of past 15 years and before that , it will be clear that how coachings have helped the village based students to qualify in JEE.
    In fact instead of thinking to discourage coaching classes , JEE paper setters should design the qestions in a better and innovative way to check the knowledge and intelligence.
    It seems failure of the iit teachers to tackle the bright students selected in JEE. It seems that they want averge sudents to clear the JEE.
    One thing more, why so much hue and cry for JEE every year? There are many other exams in India , why is the only JEE which has made the even HRD ministry to get involve so actively for changes in JEE. It is highly unfortunate that the persons suggesting change in JEE are mostly not IITIAN.
    ONE should not forget that it is the high standard of the JEE paper
    which has the kept IIT on the top od the world , it is not the teachers of iit or HRD officials who have done any thing special to give IIT a glory.

    In fact no public demand or agitation ever took place to discourage coachings. Then why the HRD ministry got so active?
    It is only the jealous of good earnings of coachings, nothing else.

    In fact govt should discourage mushroom growth of private engg colleges where there not good teachers to teach.

    I think there is some evil plan to bring down the status of IITIANS
    in the country and the world.

    I ask finally a simple question to the HRD foolish officials that are the past iitians have proved to a a bad or unsuccesful engginers?

    Please save the status of IIT and any change should be done positively being unbiased and being not jealous.