Friday, April 07, 2006

Guest Post: Want to help people remotely?

Hi all,
Time for a guest post. This one is by Seema Jyotishi, my mami [mom's brother's wife, for those who do not know]. Ties in well to my thought of action, not just talk.

No more from me. Over to her.

Hi Everyone,
A time comes in everybody's life when they feel satisfied with everything in their life.They feel that they have got everything and in turn they want to do something for others. Isn't this is called the real SEVA to humanity.The world is growing at a faster rate and with it the problems are also.On one side we are gaining knowledge to advance till moon but on the other side the problems for the unpriviledged are also increasing. I am sure we all must have asked this question to ourselves,"Can we do something to reduce the problems of these people????"

The problem for many of us is we think we can only help by sending money...Right...Wrong . We can actually help people just by spending some time and effort on the computer.People in world some time need your help in the form of your advises and suggestions.

Nabuur is such a concept working as global village where virtual neighbours (you all )can actually help people of the entire world. Please visit the site to get more information about the work of nabuur.

If the idea of helping people across the world catches up with you than after loging visit my site at Nabuur to see the work. I also joined Nabuur as a neighbour In November 2005 and worked for Pune and madurai. Right now I have completed my facilitator training and the Kwangere slum is my first assignment.

Thus through my lettter I am extending an invitation to everyone to become neighbour and help people .If the idea of joining the village doesn't excites you than also my request is to kindly send this mail to friends you know so any one who is intrested can join the growing neighbourhood.

Thanks for your patience
Seema Jyotishi

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  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    hi animesh,
    this comment is not related to any of the posts but i feel strongly for it and hence thought of voicing my concern.
    this is regarding the recent proposal by our very dear HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh with "consent" from our president and keeping our prime minister "in the loop" regarding the reservations in the premier institutes like IIT's and IIM's and other central universities.
    IIT's and IIM's and few other institutes like BHU, REC's(though they are deemed) are the only recognised premier institutes outside india and if this vote-perspective bill is passed in the parliament, it would lead to loss of credibility of such great institutions.Though i didn't had an opportunity to pursue my education through these institutions, it kills me to hear about such pathetic proposals and this leds me to believe that our very dear prime minister is puppet at the hands of these power-centric going-to-any-extent-vote-seeking corrupt politicians of india. can we please start a petition against this, atleast i would like to start, if not any one else, could you please guide me in doing so.
    i am regular visitor to your blogs and thought this to be a grave concern and it was not yet been highlighted in any of your blogs.
    look forward to hear from you. if you feel this to be of any worth, please post a message on your blog. there already has been a protest started by aspiring students in India against this.

    take care,
    a concerned indian