Sunday, April 16, 2006

Real Life RDB a little too much to swallow?

Update: In line with this post, I have decided to give up sodas completely! From now on, it is only fruit juice/ water/ tea/ coffee/ lassi/ thandai/other non-carbonated beverages for me. I shall miss Thums-Up.

Aamir Khan sought out to help out in the Narmada Bachao Aandolan, as you all know.

However, the read life RDB proved to be a bit much, according to this article.

From the article:
Easa bin Abdul Karim from Plachimada, Kerala, who was participating in the NBA protest, badgered Khan to stay away from the soft drinks giant Coca-Cola. He said Coke plants are making tribal lands infertile.

"They are drawing out ground water through tube-wells to make Coke, drastically lowering water levels. Six litres of water is required to produce one litre of Coke. The remaining five litres, which have been treated with chemicals, are put back into the ground. As a result the land becomes infertile and tribals lose their only source of living," he said.

Interesting. Lets see what (if anything) happens.

Other things to talk about... too much work also... lets see.


  1. bhai....I'm with you on this....I have read a few articles about how these soft-drink plants are harmful for the people of the area where the factories are located....but never really gave it a thought....and incidently as I write this comment.....I'm drinking the last can of Pepsi of my life....after that its only natural drinks and no carbonated drinks for me as well....I will miss Pepsi and ThumbsUp.....but they aren't more important than people of our country.

  2. animesh,
    I appreciate you for your this given up activity, Thumbsup givenup. I already stopped drinking pepsis/colas around 3-4 months back. trying to convince more pple.

  3. Hmm,
    the gujrat situation is clearly worsening, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the next-gen KKK getting created there.
    Modi has turned the situation around, and has linked the raising of the height of the dam to the growth of gujrat. Strangely, nobody is opposed to raising the height... what NBA wants is that proper rehabilitation be provided to the displaced tribals...
    Incidently, Modi has also decided to go on a 51 hr. anshan to protest (strangely, and later retracted) a statement given by Saifudin soz, a cabinet minister, that the centre was rethinking its decesion to raise the height of the dam....
    Bechara Aamir, :) , got caught between the two, and the hapless distributers, who must have suffered losses worth crores(though they must have earned n times the value lost, already), because of the vandalism.
    fickle mobs and dirty politicians...but then, do they come in any other flavor???..

  4. I had given up Colas some 12 months back...partly because of these reports abt Cola companies polluting the ground water and partly because they are unhealthy and high on calories.

    But the important point we are missing here is - Amir Khan, no matter how unpreparedly, came up for a social cause....and gave the 'third person viewpoint' a much needed media limelight. No Hunger Strikes, No political agendas...plain support. Dam is required, no doubt, but rehabilitation shud not be overlooked.