Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Analyzing the Terrorist Vote, and Post Election Fears

Although I watched NBC's election coverage for the speeches from 4am today, and listened to NPR for the analysis, I would have loved it if comedy central has free live access to its Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert election night special.

Well, it is online now [full episode link], and I present some gems from it for you.

Aasif Mandvi on the Terrorist Vote:

The BEST moment in the evening's program [I love how Jon Stewart is feeling, and how the coal-bear is trying to hide it :)]:

And yes, now that it is all over, I know now what to do. Kinda like this:

and this: [ref: ]


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  1. hehehehe, I don't need to go over to JS's page... I can just hop on over here and get the la crème de la crèms!! :D