Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Good News on Children's Day

Today, November 14, is celebrated in India as Children's Day. I wish I was there today, and contribute in a more concrete manner, but the least I can do is point you to some good work being done on the occasion.

Here, from the latest addition to my google reader, is a post about how kids in Karnataka are being introduced to ideas of responsible self-government.

Read the post, you won't regret it.

P.S. Another good news is that one of my good friends is pregnant :). Yay for you-who-sent-me-her-pot-bellied-pic-yesterday :)


  1. MakkaLa Panchayat! Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for pointing this out :-)


  2. Hi Animesh,

    I want to introduce you to the NGO I work with -- GiveIndia.

    GiveIndia is a transparent and trustworthy NGO that connects donors and NGOs.

    This Children's Day, make a secure online donation to help a child living in poverty, by clicking on the link below

    GiveIndia is the prferred choice of many NRIs because they know exactly how their money is being used and how it helped change a life.