Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy T-E day!

T-E for la Tour-Eiffel, that is.

I celebrated my singles-awareness-day hanging out with S, introducing her to the wonderful city that Paris is, and the wonderful desi food that one can find there :).

First, we met up at La Défense, and on the walk from there to the metro stop, took in the sight of Fall .. [my first ever 'real' Fall, unlike the fake one in LA :)]

Then, we proceeded to the Indian quartier, only to have the current cut off in our metro, and then walking some distance due to over-stuffed buses :). But some sights we saw were good, like this one of Sacré-Cœur

And after lunch [yummy Lahori-Thali at Bhai-bhai], went to the Eiffel Tower! It was S's first time ever, and my first time in 6 years! [barring the fog-filled day I went with M to the E-T on her transit trip through Paris].

Of course, there was some fauna which enticed me.

And then, there was me :).


P.S. Bonus Special V-day link on explaining love in a dry [but interesting] manner using hormones here [ref: J]


  1. Bhai,
    "Lahori" or "La Whori" thali in Paris?

  2. LOL for the k10's comment