Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Must-Visit Pages

Coming soon: A post about where Indian politics might very well be in the coming years.

For now: Some pages that deserve your attention.

1. If you like g33ky comics [or not] check out Abstruse Goose. [ref: B]

2. If you are a woman [or not] make sure to check out this must-read post on the red-colored blues.

3. If you are into poems [or not], check out my mom's blog with her newly posted poetry [pretty good, I must say]. And there is much more in that poetry-diary of hers I tell you :).

4. If you live in bangalore [or not] make sure to read this harrowing account of moral policing by local hoodlums. [ref: C]

5. If you know about Never Forget [or not], see our second newspaper coverage! [yes, my mugshot is there :)]

And for the nature video of the post, here is one about sea-turtles and sharks.


  1. The peotry written by your mother was lovely.2 and 3rd post are shocking.Do not know what to say.After reading those two articles, a layer of blankness has surrounded my mind.Cannot write anything more...

  2. The turtles were very cute.:)

  3. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hi Animesh,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and introducing me, via yours, to your mother's writing.

    As I am a mother myself, what she has to say about children has a particular resonance for me.

    Also - the "neverforget" initiative is excellent. I wish you much luck and success with that.



  4. Thanks Chandna,
    I wanted to share my experiences with mothers (and fathers too)so that they can take from that whatever is relevant for them and share their views too.Thanks again.