Sunday, February 01, 2009

A week of personal good news

This past week, I must say, will count as one of the most packed-with-good-news in recent memory, for the sheer _number_ of good things that happened. Here they are:

1. My toolkit, Srijan, which can be used to graphically and quickly design sensor network applications, finally started working again, after some long-pending bugfixes. [videos here]

2. I was invited to be a part of the technical program committee of the established SECON 2009 conference.

3. The paper based on the last part of my PhD research was accepted [with minor revision] in the IEEE Transactions on Computers, one of the biggest journals in the area!

and last but not the least

4. Never Forget has gotten off to a good start in its first week since its announcement. From visitors, and enthusiastic, action-oriented sign-ups, to getting responses from iPhones of elected representatives, it has been good.

But the work, in all the 4 items above, is far from over. Here's to more work-and-good-news-filled weeks!

P.S. Sadly, the week was not great for everyone, Leesa had a brush with danger, and of course, the Mangalore lets-beat-girls-who-drink-alcohol craziness happened. More about those coming later.


  1. party for the good week :D

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM


    U need to get over urself....

    I came to your blog after looking up your name on
    But I guess u guys are a bunch of USC grads promoting each other and writing about randon things u guys do in ur random lives....

    if u really feel about any thing, write about it and not brag about urself.....


  3. @khanna: sure, come to Paris :-).

    @naidan: You _did_ read this, didn't you?