Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ganatantra at 60

Today, Jan 26, 2010, marks 60 years since the Indian Constitution came into effect. While there is much to be said, I would like to start by re-sharing this wonderful song, which is as inspirational today as it was in 1954, when Jagriti was released.

Moving on, here is a link to the Constitution of India, which I am sure was the result of a LOT of discussions, compromises, and heartburn 50 years ago. Am putting it here, so we can all refer to it at times when we begin our heated arguments with "according to the constitution of India..." :-).

Also, here is a link to the official Republic Day Website, video and all :).

And finally, here is a clip that (with trademark JayHind irreverence) represents the current views about the R-day. Sure, we all love seeing the parade - but what is it exactly for? Does it still serve a purpose commiserate with its expenditure (not to mention the discomfort caused to those attending, participating, and stuck in traffic jams)?

Sumeet and the Jay Hind team explore (start at 00:30). [caution: may be offensive to you, but hey, the constitution contains the freedom of speech :)]

and now, back to work, and to missing the R-day laddoos :-|


  1. I didn't realize you were so computer knowledgeable. I guess I should have figured it out from the evidence.

  2. @starman: Thanks, but not sure if I get the context. This post was not about Tech at all. :)

  3. I know, but that's the way my mind works. Maybe it's a sign of ADD?