Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year. New Resolution

The year 2009 was a very interesting and eventful one - I got a permanent job at INRIA, an eye infection which has led to a loss of central vision in my right eye, met some great new people, co-founded my own non-profit, and got some pretty good and bad news on the personal front among other things.

So, at the starting of 2010 [yes yes, this post is a bit late :)], when the whole world was making resolutions (ever wonder why gyms have new membership deals at this time of the year?), I realized what my resolution should be.

It is simple. Only two words.

Finish Stuff.

Yes, when I think of 2009, what I realize is that there were too many things that I started but could never finish, and that had been clawing at my heart. So I have begun 2010 by taking care of pending stuff. Whether they be writing book chapters, or finishing my many hobby projects.

And speaking of hobby projects, the latest flurry of pics on my blog are a result of my finishing up some long pending work on ap-pic, my very own picture hosting website, which lets me upload pictures from either my phone or my browser, and automatically posts updates on blogger, twitter, an facebook. Neat eh? :).

And now, back to finishing more things... ciao!


  1. cool app.. when is the beta releasing? i need it for my fone :D

  2. It is already released :).

    Go to the settings page on ap-pic public site and set up your preferences :).

    For my phone, I use the bucketUpload App, with the parameters configured according to this issue.

    I know, it is a bit roundabout, but the system was primarily built for personal use - _my_ personal use :).

    Lemme know if you decide to try it.

  3. What else is on the list?