Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 63, India!

63 years ago, India gained its freedom, and our first prime minister gave this speech

The country has still a long way to go before all its citizens have the basic roti-kapda-makaan (food, water, shelter), but there seems to have been decent progress.

I am still to figure out how exactly I am to contribute in all this. For the moment, I celebrated I-day at home, rain bound [reminded me of all the rain soaked I-day parades I did in school :)], and made some atta halwa for the first time. Came out pretty well :).

On a sidenote, today marks one year of the launch of Jay Hind, India's first full-time online stand-up and fake news comedy show. If you can understand Hindi, check it out. My dear friend Varun writes for it, and does a pretty good job at it :). He also acts in some segments, such as the gem here (LNN - Indo-Pak Talks Secrets Revealed). Check it out! I think good satire will go a long way in keeping the country on track.

Jai Hind!
P.S. Happy I-day to my friends across the Punjab border too.

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