Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Sisters, with Love

Today is Rakhi (or Raksha Bandhan), the Indian festival when sisters tie a bracelet (can range from a simple thread to a three-storey sponge morey bhaiya rakhi :P) on the wrists of their brothers, and get lifelong protection (and gifts) in return.

Now my elder brother and I are the only two kids my parents had, by thanks to all our cousins, we never had a dearth of sisters, and indeed, I am proud of the fact that we cousins are like siblings.

So, this day, dear sisters, have a great time, and know that I have some Parisian chocolates here for you -- come and get them :).

P.S. Obligatory Rakhi song :-).


  1. Happy Rakhi to you bro...and I guess I speak for everyone....sisters are special because of special bros like you. Love.

  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

    This very late but I really meant to wish you on Aug 24th - happy Rakshabandhan to you, dear A. I quite agree with Neha's comment above :)