Monday, February 14, 2011

Love - Thirty

[I'll be turning 30 in less than three weeks, and since I am currently single, I figured the title of the post was apt :).]

Happy support-local-card-and-chocolate-industry day Y'all!

Hope you all have stuff planned on this wonderful Monday evening. As for me, I am going to a movie+dinner V-day non-date with not one, but two wonderful ladies - for a ménage a Tron, that is :).

Moving on, here are some links for you on this special day:

1. The usual Indian Hindu right-wing propaganda against V-day, and my rebuttal.

2. A cute service by the city of Paris -- free V-day message on city billboards [hat tip: KSam]

3. Some wonderful V-day toons from Savage Chickens -- I especially love the Zombie one.

And finally, some videos. The first is a pro-love con-love classic from Trishool.

And the second is a multi-lingual ballad from Khuddar, which was on TV this Saturday.

So, what are _you_ up to today?



  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Remember, whatever your age, you should always be young at heart ! And happy V-Day to dear A :)


  2. Thanks M. You're up early!

  3. city of love ! happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the movie !