Friday, February 18, 2011

Time to Disco

Just got news on another paper acceptance, which takes this week's up to three -- Two papers in GPC 2011, and one in Policy 2011. I figured it's time for some music :).

Speaking of that, here is a playlist (following the success of my item-song playlist earlier) of Bollywood Disco Songs.

For inclusion, the conditions are:
  • The song should be in a Bollywood-produced movie [no Hollywood, Kollywood, or any other]
  • The song should not be a remix
  • The word "disco" should be in the title [on in the main chorus] of the song.

So here is the playlist [also at ]

As always, suggestions from you will be most appreciated :).



  1. Atul Aggarwal7:01 PM

    Congratulation... Three papers in a week.. Wow :)

  2. Excellent News, Animesh!! Congrats on the acceptance..
    Let's Dance - Put on your red shoes and dances the blues...

  3. Congratulations Bro!!!...on the paper acceptance :)

    Suggestion on Songs for Playlist:

    1. Disco Dandia -

  4. Thanks sis. Song added :).

  5. Another suggestion:

    Discowale Khisko from the movie 'DIL BOLE HADIPPA'

  6. Thanks Anirudh. Added :).