Sunday, April 10, 2005

Call Cutta !!

Thanks to grover, I came to know of this interesting article on a cellphone based theatre form [Indian Express Article] currently being performed in Kolkata. Here is the Goethe Institute official page on this. Pretty informative.. and talks about call centers too, something that is changing the life of Indian youth presently. And here is the Indian Official page.
At the end of the first act, the player finds himself at a hole-in-the-wall shop, where he reveals a password provided by the caller. A deadpan shopkeeper replies, ‘‘Download act two,’’ and hands over a packet of potato chips and a bottle of water.

Sounds interesting.. doesn't it?

So, wanna play a role.. how about starting one in LA?? You know my phone number.. don't you?



  1. Starting one or a little more creative version in LA /around/USC/UCR anywhere is a cool up are u?
    lets plan it...

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    seriously i dont know ;) dont tell me now that u are gng to write that on the blogg :))

    wish u cud :)

    Yours truly