Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Google Maps goes sattellite!!!!

This is simply amazing!!!!

I logged onto maps.google.com today to look for some driving direction and lo! there was a "satellite" link waiting for me next to the "link to this page" link.

Google maps now has clickable, draggable sattellite maps!!!! This is simply mind boggling.... I have no words to describe how I feel now!!

Google is GOD!!!!

go to this link and click on satellite to see USC, my university.

This time, I have reported this before slashdot... just FYI :-).


  1. cool..Google is really Good....I wonder though who came up with the idea and how long was is it in use...I mean commercial use, is there any other service that was providing this facility before Google or are they the pioneers of this service.

  2. What is google going to do now ?


    Google is gonna employ clusters of supercomputers and do image processing of millions (or billions!!) of photographs in seconds, so that u can upload a photograph on google and ask it to search for all the relevant information available related to it on the net :D Google's futuristic ideas unveiled.........

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    There are quite some companies providing the same service but they are not famous/known.

    try this

    Well forget posting of photograph..day is not far when u will give a name in google search (which animesh wud love to do for females ;) ) and it will show u all the possible information on that individual like "what time this person generally sleeps..what he eats..which kind of websites he/she browse etc etc..and that too with photographs."