Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kargil's First Hero

I got a forward today asking me to sign my name at the bottom and forward to all those I know.

Now I generally do NOT forward such emails. However, I do execute a google search for the topic and reply to the sender with the information that the mail is a hoax (as happens mostly.. remember the non-small cell lung cancer mail?).

However, my google search today on Lt. Saurabh Kalia brought forth some heartrending articles. This one on rediff about his supreme sacrifice and the government's apathy towards the issue really moved me.

Here is a link to the online petition, I wonder if this will ever be read by the government.

My salute goes to the family of him and such soldiers who are constantly risking their lives for the country. I pray that the government soon gets something done in this regard.



  1. bhai....Lt. Saurabh Kalia was definietly the first martyr of Kargil.......I still remember the news of his patrol party being the first to face the enemy fire at Kargil......and the anger I was filled with when we recieved the news of return of mutilated bodies of these brave sons of Indian soil......I have always admired the courage of these men who sacrifice everything in life, so we can stay home and enjoy clubbing and dancing till wee hours in the's youth who waste themselves I feel should just undergo an army training and they wud know how precious and fragile life is and they have to make something of themselves....not just waste away partying, drinking and "having fun".

  2. reema8:04 AM

    dear animesh,
    hi..i just went thru ur blog while searching for something on net..and i found this post..i felt choked after reading the whole article about Lt. saurabh kalia...
    and some credit goes to u for posting such thing on net, not many of us do sth about such stories except for reading them and forgetting them...and not to mention...the leiutnent was gem of a person and its very bad on indian govs part that they are not offering the required help..and its just justice.....
    anyhow..nice reading ur blog....