Sunday, April 03, 2005

Please don't boil our players [and fans too] has a nice article about the infernal conditions at the last cricket match between India and Pakistan. Really sad to know that the match was played at 40 degrees C [104 degrees F] with 90% humidity!!!

I pray that the BCCI comes to its senses and stops subjecting our players to such inhuman conditions.



  1. well u'll be happy to know that thankfully the Sri Lanka Tour is cancelled finally our players wud get some rest.

    just as an after thought I wish sometime we cud have Indian team play cricket in US...after all America also has a team now, or may we cud just have a tournament at a neutral venue like we championships between India & Pakistan at Canada and Sharjah

  2. Yup, it doesn't make sense..

    Moreover I think we have too many international grounds..and why not every football field is a cricket field...