Friday, April 10, 2009

An Evening in Paris

Paris is a very beautiful city, and last night, after a memorable evening, I chanced upon the following scene on the seine.

Thanks to lessons from A, I was able to use the manual mode on my Canon Powershot A720 IS to take the pictures.

Click on the image to see the full gallery. Let me know what you think.



  1. Bahute badhiya hai photu sahi sardaar !!!
    poore 50 hazaar milenge inaam mein :P

  2. :-)

    Did you see the full gallery?

  3. Killer! But the pics in the vgallery aren't showing this paris is seen not in full glory there. But yes...good clicks...and in Manual mode...extra shabashi!

  4. Good snaps rats, U can categorize them as "jis desh main seine behti hai".
    You can try xp with the EV value and ISO as well next time

  5. @Varun: Thanks. To view the images full size in the gallery, view the page of each image, and look for the dropdown of sizes on the top right. Let me know if you cant find it.

    @Balli: Thanks! Means a lot coming from you, the guy who first taught me about photography :-). I used ISO 200 this time. Will keep experimenting.

  6. beautiful snaps...

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  8. Sumit Jain9:20 PM

    nice pics! Assuming this is on a tripod else I will be shocked.

    Just wondering, what is the min aperture u can achieve? I see f/8 in all the pics. If possible, try the lesser value (bigger aperture) which could give much better results: faster shutter speed possible and lesser noise.

    Also, as said earlier, try ISO speeds of 400 and maybe 800, but if using a tripod, I guess lesser ISO will always be better giving less noise.

  9. @sumit: There was no tripod :D. [I put it on the edge of bridge and set a 10 second timer.]

    I used ISO 200. Will try with bigger apertures too.