Sunday, April 05, 2009


Thanks to PK for sending this.

All: I am not a huge fan of the modern Indian reality show, and dislike the faltu emotion they put in most of the times, but once in a while, a video comes along, which you just cannot say anything about.

Without further ado, I give you Kamlesh Patel from Baroda.



  1. Rajat H1:09 AM


  2. Don't know what to say!
    How trivial are our problems and how much do we complain?

  3. Amazing.....Like the judges said "humari aukaat nahi hai judge karni ki", we can never judge talents like these, they come and teach us some important lessons of LIFE!

  4. The video seems to be not available...dont know why!!! I have seen this before..I was speechless too..

  5. @Harshit. Just worked for me. Reload the page, and it will work.

  6. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Mann, hila diya... Phew...

  7. Guess I am the only one who is not impressed by the 'spirit' of this person or video. I mean, he only danced, and a pretty average dance i wud say...which becomes above average or great or extra-ordinary (choose ur word) ONLY when u consider that he has no working legs.

    I know I am crossing some political-correctness boundaries here but here are my issues:

    1. Aren't we discriminating (in a reverse way) by praising him more than his 'dance' is worth, along the way suggesting that it's a rare feat, a feat worth putting up on a pedestal, worth awe but not worth easy, normal acceptance? (The reactions of the lady judge - incredulity, slight disgust(?), and awe summed it all.)

    2. How, may i ask, being paralyzed waist-down stops one from dancing? That too, when one is dancing through his hands only? And even if this guy achieved that, dancing good with hand-balance, does that say a lot about that person's 'spirit'? Spirit, a word we cud use for Gandhi or Ambedkar, is getting short-sold at TV shows! (That senti music killed me.)

    3. Nothing against people with physical disabilities, or with great physical features (whatever be the case), but i can't resist adding that this dance qualified well for the categories titled weird, shocking, and tasteless. (Again, just to clarify, i have felt the same for many many dance performances on TV shows, performed by apparently full-limbed dancers of great, nothing for or against this guy's physical distinctness.)