Tuesday, April 21, 2009


No no, not me, but someone (some - two?) very very close to me :-).

Just came back from a weekend in India, where the handsome Pranay and the lovely Tripti cemented their love and friendship of nearly 10 years into the bond of marriage. I am still speechless trying to express my emotions about this, having been witness to their beautiful relationship since literally the day he laid eyes on her :).

It was also a good time for a reunion of GAP, the three co-creators of Grover-Arya-Pathak productions, which created quite some theatre (and made quite some friends) back in BHU.

Here we are :)

and here we are, more complete, with Varun's wonderful wife R, who also played a wonderful hostess to me in Mumbai.

2 down. 1 to go :-).

There were, of course, more people from ITBHU whom I met after a long time, and we had tons of fun. We also had the first meeting of the co-founders of Never Forget, since Varun, Aman, Anupama, and I were in the same city. Pictures coming when I manage to upload them :).

and now, the first time since last Wednesday night, time for some more-than-3-hours-of-continuous sleep
P.S. Guess who is in possession of two kilos of the finest fresh Indian Mangoes :-).


  1. aur kuchh nahin to for the sake of symmetry .. shaadi kar lo sardaar :)
    gaon waale bahut khush honge.. sabaasi denge :P

  2. Great pics, all of them. Mere cam se GAP ki pics mein funda ho gaya....but u got them perfect!

    And I hope French cops don't read ur blogs....and come for the mangoes.

  3. @Daroga: Note that the picture with the 5 of us is very closely cropped from my left side... wonder why? ;-)

    @Varun: Aapke fotos ka bhi wait karenge. Also, I never said _how_ I came in possession of the mangoes. :-)

  4. @Animesh
    I have already uploaded some pics at my Orkut account. Have a look...since u feature prominently in some of them. :P

  5. Pathakwaa ko bahut bahut thanks for the nice pics and making us look so good :-)

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    !!!! beautiful!
    i want those beautiful mangoes too...

  7. @Animesh Sir,I was shocked by seeing your status on Gtalk.Then get the reality as landed on the blog. But I hope you soon loose your bachelor degree & make your life paradise with someone..:)

    Great Photo of three musketeers and their life partners (as photo is very closely cropped from your left side)....

    Congrats to married couple from my side..

    @Daroga,Superb comment..lol

  8. Very happy for the newlyweds, but seriously, sweetie, you're turning into the boy who cried wolf. If you keep this up, the day you really get engaged/married, noone's going to believe you!

    Mango public (aam junta) ko aise bewakoof banana achi baat nahin hain, Pyaremohan.

  9. @Yayavar: thanks for the wishes. Though paradise or hell depends on a lot of factors :)

    @SS: Technically, I am more of Yudhishthira than the guy who cried wolf, given that what I stated in my status/title was true, thought not complete, while the wolf-crying chap shouted total fabrication.

    More importantly, I am sure that my friends (with you at the forefront) care sufficiently about me to keep coming to read whenever I post anything in that direction :).

    BTW, an uncleji _did_ ask me for my DOB and location of birth... and you all know what that means!

  10. @Jess: Come to Paris and get them :).
    @Pranay: Not too hard to make good-looking people look good :P. Woulnd't have missed it for the world!

  11. Hi Animesh...

    Mira and I have been on an Indian extravaganza since we got to Austria...
    We eat in THE BEST Indian resto in Europe for two days straight... and today we went to a resto (called Coffee Time) that has Indian roots- it's an Indian resto chain... They serve an assortment of Indian plats- we had bagel sandwiches, onion rings, and ceasar salad... hehe... Not really Indian but it's a good variety.... We were soooo full today that we didn't eat dinner!!! We wish you were here to share the fun!
    Glad you had fun at the wedding... the pics are great- what a happy couple.... Save some mangoes for us.... I would like a mango lassie, please!
    Take care,