Thursday, April 02, 2009

Positive Developments

After my last post on fighting negativity, I think it is only fair that I share with you specific updates on those very things that were negative that day.

Firstly, Ms. Anjali Waghmare has been provided adequate security by the govt. and will proceed to represent Kasab in the Mumbai terror case. I, for one, will be closely following the proceedings of this case.

Secondly, the J&K Chief Minister, who has already shown that he is tech-savvy, has ordered a probe into the manhandling of the RTI activist Mr. Ganai. Another issue I will be following.

And in other positive news, the ITBHU Global Alumni Association has finally received notification that it is a bona-fide tax-exempt non-profit :).

And further, someone has been elected to the post of "Deputy Directory - Website" of the above organization :).

On the work front, my RFID readers are here, and I can get started on the experiments I wanted to do for some time now.

And finally, thanks to A again, here is another playlist of some nice songs.


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