Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fighting Negativity

Got some pretty negative news bits today.

First, the thugs in Mumbai are back to their usual anti-constitutional antics again, this time forcing Ms. Anjai Waghmare, the court appointed lawyer for Ajmal Kasab to recuse herself.

Then, Muzaffar sent me info that an RTI activist by beaten mercilessly by the Police in J&K, leading to a broken tooth, and fracture in his jaw. Details at this page (scroll down to "Police beat up RTI activist in Budgam")

And finally, the latest explosion in Guwahati.

Yeah.. pretty negative day I must say.

That said, there are some positive things too, which cheer me up - my tech-savvy mom put up "subscribe using email" and "subscribe using RSS" widgets on her blog, all by herself. And I am proud to be the first by-email subscriber :). You should too.

Also, thanks to A, I re-listened to some songs from Mohit Chauhan of the silk route fame, which led to my compiling a 90s indipop playlist on youtube. Here they are:



  1. But how did we fight negativity? because -vety is in the mind.

  2. @GS: We fought it by listening to some nice songs, and focusing on the positive aspects of the day :).

    And once the mind switches back to an optimistic gear, one can start thinking of ways to address the causes of the initial negativity-inducing incidents...

  3. wow I should put a "follow via email" link. I'm behind the times!

  4. loved the songs !

  5. Proud of u son:
    You are trying to learn the most difficult art of all,finding ways and means to remain positive amidst all negativity.
    Nothing can be more effective than listening to a good piece of music.

  6. @Neva: yes you should :-).
    @Kris: hai na!

    @mom: Thanks mom. I have learnt it from you :).

  7. sir
    i beg to differ on saying line one is negative. Cant the courts change their procedure? Killing 150 indians and keeping almost whole of indian army and navy isnt enough to declare him a terrorist?

    I dunt agree with what shiv sena and others do.. but it is the moral responsibility of every lawyer not to fight or represent kasab

    Never Forget what he did!

  8. @Khanna: last time I checked, we had a constitution, which we follow, and if we want to change it, we do it legally. BTW, also last time I checked, Nathuram Godse had his day in court too.

    Part of the strength of our country is the judiciary, and if a judge has appointed someone to "defend" an accused, the public has no right to violently protest it. What you or I think is our choice, and indeed you have the right to claim what the "moral responsibility" of each lawyer is. But when the goondas start imposing their opinions on others without fear of the law, things start looking negative.

    And indeed, given the case is so strong, it won't take more than one sitting for a guilty verdict -- so why prolong this? Lets show the world that we are a nation that follows modern rules.

  9. I fully agree with u son.

  10. "Lets show the world that we are a nation that follows modern rules"

    I dont care about the world.. if you can just go and prove this to the manager of taj whose wife and kids were killed in front of him and the others who were directly affected i promise i would never ever support anything other than gandhigiri

  11. "I dont care about the world"
    Seriously? Look around yourself in JoBurg. Think about how people's impressions are towards Indians versus our neighbors to the west. Which country do you think the world thinks is more "civilized"? Do you think the goodwill that India has accrued over the years does _nothing_ to help the life of Indians abroad?

    Anyways, what you or I believe is what you or I believe. It should _not_ lead to the harassment of someone who is a piece of the judicial machinery. And that is what I am saying.

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