Thursday, March 12, 2009


As I mentioned yesterday, we were going to celebrate Holi today in the group.

Here is how it went down..

From Holi@ARLES

The full slideshow is below.

And yes, there was more Holi at PK's place last night, and one of the picture from that is here (needs facebook account, I think.)

Update: More Paris holi albums here and here.


  1. A rather moderate and decent Holi I must say! For a change, the many hues are actually distinctly visible .. haha!

  2. Yay! 'Looks like your Holi celebration was a hit! I'm wishing I would have grabbed a few powders myself now! :)

  3. really a very moderate and decent version of holi is here in photos. and people here are looking mature and great.i am missing college life holi of mud and water.Hope u have played such holi in itbhu in your graduation days..happy holi.

  4. @J, Y: Yeah, very decent. And yes, I miss the wild, wet holi too :)

    @misplacedTexan: How about I get some colors at rhum rhums?