Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hippo: The River Horse

It has always intrigued me how the name of the Hippo in Hindi/Urdu is the same as Greek

Engligh: Hippopotamus = Hippos (horse) + Potamos (river)
In Hindi/Urdu: Dariyai Ghoda = Dariya (river) + Ghoda (horse)

and I have always been interested in these animals, but the documentary below (ref: NinjaVideo) enlightened me about some more interesting facts, among others:
1. Hippos kill more humans than any other mammal in Africa!
2. Their sweat is Pink, and apparently is antiseptic and sun-blocking
3. An adult hippo has no known predator, except, of course, man.

'nuf said, watch this!



  1. Quite remarkable! Although what a pity they can be so ferocious. But then again that's nature.

  2. Cool! I really wanted to see a Hippo. It's one of my favorite animal. hahaha!