Friday, March 20, 2009

On Steroids and Podcasts

Some updates on the eye-issue discussed earlier:
1. Blood sample was taken yesterday. Yes sir, yes sir, 2 vials full.
2. This morning, met the doctor. He said blood test confirms this is toxoplasmosis, and that it is a recent infection (a lot of antibodies, not enough memory cells in blood). He again said that salads can also cause this.
3. To reduce the inflammation, he gave me some steroids.
4. To reduce the side-effects of the steroids, he gave me Calcium, Vitamin D, and Potassium tablets.
5. Since I am taking said steroid, I cannot take salt, for fear of water retention in my arms!

To know which steroid I am taking, and for a complete list of its side-effects, see this wikipedia page on Prednisone.

On a lighter note, the 2nd K&K podcast of 2009 with me in it is now online.
Click here to listen to our conversation, where
Animesh continues to tell us about the highlights of his adventures in India in episode 222, and makes some interesting reflections about the way things have changed since he last visited. In true k&k style, we derail on everything from arranged marriages to indian-chinese food to old school teachers to infomercials!



  1. are u really such sick that this medical treatment is happeing?I do not think so by indian standards.But get well soon asap.
    And if u are not so can u tell us about anti sarkozy movement carried by youths there.

  2. @Y: There is a #$%%ing protozoan living in the back of my right eye! I am sure it is pretty sick :).
    BTW, talked to my uncle in India who is a doc. He gives the same medicines to his patients.

    Re: youth powered anti sarkozy movement, nothing big. If it exists, it is not very big.

  3. Oh my goodness, Animesh, get well soon! Dr Mira prescribes chicken soup. It is proven to boost your white cell count.

    P.S. Prednisone is the spawn of the devil. Get better and get off that devil medication ASAP.

  4. sorry for being rude.I was not taking the condition seriously.will not happen in future.

  5. Prednisone is by far the most foul tasting medication out there. I feel for you.

    Get better soon.

  6. Prednisone, if I'm not mistaken is also given to women in case of risky pregnancies to fortify the placenta, or more firmly attach the baby.
    If I'm not mistaken...

  7. @Aman: google does not show anything relevant for "prednisone placenta" so I am going to assume you were mistaken :-).

    @All: The inflammation is still present, and the vision is still blurry, but the doc says I should see good effects by one week, i.e., Friday.

    Lets see (pun intended :-) ).