Thursday, January 19, 2006

If you wanna marry her, rape her!

A couple of interesting articles, all deserving your attention, dear readers.. so read on...

First, there is the news that gives this post its title : about how a rapist has offered to marry his deaf, mute and mentally challenged victim. Article here [make sure u read thru all 3 pages]

From the article:
The victim, who worked as a domestic help at Dilip's residence, was raped by Dilip and his accomplice, Vinod Chauhan. Meena's mother had abandoned her at the Ahmedabad Mental Hospital, near Dilli Darwaza on August 18, 2004, promising to return with some biscuits for her.

The MoU, according to defence counsel, was made after Dilip and Meena gave their consent for marriage. According to public prosecutor Sudhir Brahmbhatt, "the consent of the victim, who according to medical reports is equivalent to a 10-year old child, cannot undermine the case."

Fair or not? What do you say? I strongly recommend you to read the article to form a proper opinion.

Second news is that the family of the person who is facing the eye-for-eye verdict in Saudi Arabia [talked about earlier here] is planning to meet the Saudi King. Lets hope something nice comes out of it.

Finally, here is a nice interview with the Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar. I am really looking forward to some development happening in this state.

That's all for now folks... back to work now!
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  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    development ?! bihar ?!

    Asking us to relate two things ?!

    bihar ma development nahin ho sakat hai...:)

  2. thanks...that reminded me of the story that was supposed to b on my blog...

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    an interesting read...

  4. It's a real shame that people can think of such 'defences'...offering to marry a victim of rape is ridiculous. (Maybe the rapist should be castrated and then allowed to ask such questions.)

    Recently, Delhi High Court also asked the victim a similar question before deciding on the sentence. Thankfully, the media backlash on Court's suggestion was big enough for the court to hastily clarify that it was just an 'idea' and not a 'verdict'. (But is their any difference when THE court suggests it!) Anyways, the victim dismissed the 'idea' strictly and the guy is serving for life in Tihar.
    But I strongly believe that Rape as a crime should be treated differently (and as i suggested above, in lack of a better word, innovatively) from Murder and loot.

  5. Anonymous6:50 AM

    The title of this post is offensive.