Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Indian Pride, and Indian Shame

The busy phase continues.. but I thought you all might be interested in the following.

1. India develops its own SCRAMJet [here].
From the Article:
ISRO considered this achievement as a major technology breakthrough in air-breathing propulsion. Other than the United States, which had recently carried out in-flight demonstration of supersonic combustion for a short duration, work related to supersonic combustor designs in other countries like Japan, China, Australia, Russia and Europe were either in their initial or ground testing phase.

At the same time, we have Neeraj posting on this very interesting topic of Prithviraj Chauhan's death and the current state of his tomb. Makes me wonder... who is going to have time for launching a mission to get the remains of the great Indian ruler back from there if the political parties are busy preventing guys and girls from meeting [remember operation Majnu!].

That's it for now folks.. now back to work!
P.S. I saw Owen Wilson [wedding crashers] yesterday in his limo when I was runnin near campus!!! Boy, now I feel like I live in LA!


  1. Ur 1st celibrity ehhhh

  2. mary ann5:01 AM

    omg, i'm jealous. owen wilson is hott with a double t! was this during the morning?