Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Tale [tail?] of Three Kitties [200th Post!]

I am super swamped currently, hence a lull in posting, but hey, this is the 200th post on this blog! Never knew it would reach this milestone when I started this blog a year and half ago.. thanks for the encouragement.

So, coming to the point, since time is less, I felt I should post about the three felines I came across in the past month. Here they are:

Cat #1:
Name: Daisy [or Desi, as I call her ;-)]
Location: Varanasi, with my cousin
Special: Rescued kitten, now lives inside my uncle's house and has amazing concentration when it comes to stalking mice [as in the pic]

Cat #2:
Name: "Billi" [cat in Hindi], that's what mom calls her
Location: Mankapur, with my mom
Special: Lives around the house, with mom giving it some milk occasionally. Has learnt how to catch mice so is sufficiently self-sufficient. Dad does not like her, or so he tells us :-). Sneaks in every once in a while to steal some milk.

Cat #3:
Name: Cucho or Cuchito [Shweta, his owner, says this means cat in Spanish, but Babelfish does not agree]
Location: Los Angeles, with us!! Soon to move to the east coast
Special: We are cat sitting for Shweta till she takes Cucho in two weeks time. He is very gentle, and likes to sleep on Karthiks's legs, but also licks his mouth when he is sleeping... no wonder Karthik has been a little drowsy in the day of late :-)

That's it for this time folks... back to work! Once again, thanks for supporting me till the 200th post!

Love and Luck,


  1. no wonder u were in india to catch glimpse of indian cat walk!!!!
    anyways nice collection of cats.. and hey wen did u start cat sitting????

  2. congratulations on ur 100th post...Cute catzzzz

  3. ha ha ... achcha thha post..... :) kafi time baad itna innocent post dekhne ko mila hai aapke blog par... :)

  4. Sirf billi hi billi.Where were the rats?

  5. @abhishek khanna
    :))... hey animesh bhaiya just look out that people have observed you taking a glimpse of cat walk ;)