Friday, January 13, 2006

Local Indian computing and a movie to watch out for

My "India developing" post that is long overdue... but I shall keep it due for now.

Got some time, so felt like telling you all abt two interesting items I came across today.

1. The trailer of Darna Zaroori Hai is online now. Go here to read a review of the trailer and a download. Look at the list at the bottom! I for one am looking forward to it, but first I would like to watch the first one :-).

2. There are two articles today about how local customizations of things common in the western world are coming up in India. After all, if you can get 1/6th of the world to buy your service, that translates into LOTS of money! The articles I am talking about are about launch of a tamil browser and a much bigger news about Microsoft Research working on an interactive, multilingual map of India.

From the article:
The research prototype enables the addition of information such as the location of polling booths and other data, that helps citizens create and maintain maps that are uniquely relevant to their communities. Microsoft Research India and the Department of Science and Technology plan to leverage experiences from this prototype, to develop effective country-wide mechanisms for spatial data creation, collection and dissemination that can be useful in a number of ways, such as for disaster management.

Interesting things happenning in that country... lets see how this proceeds.

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  1. Yeah...local languages are Big business now-a-days. Recently saw an article about how 2 just-passed Software Engineers from a Karnataka Engg. College made their millions by making Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada content for various mobile-networking companies down south. (Another example, though a bit off-the-track, is the boom in Bhojpuri film market...the latest is 'Chalat Musaafir Moh Liya Re, Pinjare Waali Muniya'.)

    And as for Darna Zaroori Hai...the trailers are not yet out on TV here. (Trust my browsing efficiency!) Can't wait to check the link...