Tuesday, January 03, 2006

in HKG.. again!

Wohi Hong Kong airport.. wahi free net waali machines... aur wohi main.... waiting for my next flight to LA....

14 hours more...

Interesting journey so far, met an ITBHU MECH-85 alumnus who is a patent attorney in LA, and a 12th grader Canadian girl who was in India for 3 weeks [her first time in India] meeting her sister who goes to school here!! Also, there was a "is there a doctor" announcement in the plane, too bad I do not have my PhD yet :D.

Saw xXx and "The Skeleton Key"[minus the last 5 minutes, because the plane landed!! .. wonder what happens in the end]

Lets see what else happens in this journey... on to LA!! [home sweet home?]

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  1. so ur messenger status changed finally.... now put.. gone to LA