Friday, January 11, 2008

Aaja meri gaadi mein baith ja

I was going to dedicate this post to the new small car by TATA, but then I came across this wonderful coverage [via Abi], so I would recommend you all to read it (in case you don't already know about it).

And then, go and design your own small car here :-).

Sure, there are criticisms about the possible issues with safety, emissions, traffic etc., but as far as I am concerned, this safer-than-a-motorcycle vehicle that will give off less pollution than a 2-wheeler that costs only $2500 from a company that had all but acquired the Jaguar brand surely is a testimony to the resourcefulness of the Indian entrepreneur. I look forward to the TATA's making money by selling it in a lot of developing countries.

Read the official interview with Ratan Tata here.

Also, while looking at the above site, I stumbled on TATA's solar-power initiative, which to me speaks a lot about their forsight (for a country like India, solar and wind power are the way to go IMHO). I am surely going to buy stuff from them when I get back.

On a more light-hearted side, reading the comments of people on American sites like digg and slashdot made me realize that the word "tata" has multiple meanings here ;-). [check the urban dictionary if you don't believe me]


Moving on to the other reason for choosing the blog post title, New Scientist posted its top pickup lines from its "Flirt with science" competition. My favorite is:
I need a seed for my pseudo-random number generator - could I have your phone number?

And a female test-subject I tried this on actually liked it :P. The list has many other gems like this. Go check it out.


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