Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some-achaar -- 1990s style

Funny how I was thinking of this some days ago, and today I read an article about it.

What is it about ? Well you know what it is about if you can recognize the names in the following quote. In case you do not, read the article, I assure you, it is a good [and nostalgic] read.
There was plenty of fan mail and phone calls too. A harassed husband once pleaded with [Salma] Sultan not to turn up in a new sari every day. "My wife makes similar demands that I cannot meet," he wrote. Shammi Narang recalls how an aging retired government employee wrote asking for help to get his pension. "Perhaps we were perceived as powerful people who could get things done," he says.

Ah.. NOW I remember, I thought of all these people when I was watching back to you. Anyways, go read the article :-).

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