Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Darwin Awards 2007

The Darwin Awards for 2007 have been announced [ref: /.]. For those who don't know, the are given to "those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it" in creative[destructive?] ways.

This year's highlights:
Playing Chicken with a Train
[removed due to claims of inauthenticity by the sister of the deceased. Her statement here.]

Stop. Look. Listen.
The show is delayed. Two women leave the venue to escape the rain. They pass multiple free shuttle buses that run directly to the parking lot. Instead, they opt for a shortcut across a 7-lane Interstate.

And a desi story about elephants also:
In the past few months, migrating elephants have killed eleven people in southeast India. A team of four journalists decided to interview this herd of rogue elephants. [...] Elephants are big, and elephants are fast. As the recent deaths illustrate, a person can't out-run an elephant. But these intrepid journalists [on foot] apparently assumed that a press pass grants immunity.

How about checking your email while driving, or trying to electrocute a mole by driving electrified metal poled in your lawn?

But perhaps, the most intriguing one goes to this mystery:
A passing cabbie found a 21 year-old couple Znaked and injured in the road an hour before sunrise. The two people died at the nearest hospital without regaining consciousness. Authorities were at a loss to explain what had happened. There were no witnesses, no trace of clothing, and no wrecked cars or motorcycles.
answer here.


  1. The story about Patrick Stiff is untrue. He was not on the train tracks when he died. The first newspaper article took the word of drunks and cops that wanted to hurry it all along. Never even investigating. The way people pass around this story is ridiculous. You get some kind of high off of nothing..lies.

  2. @Lynda: Sorry for your loss. Post updated. News article here.