Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Embroidering Your Way to Power

The better India blog had a very nice article today about women in Rajasthan who have achieved financial empowerment by way of learning skills that help them sell the products of their skills and hard work. From the article:
From being totally dependent on their husbands for a living to gaining financial independence, they are on the fast track to discover themselves. There are some women who have been victims of wife battering, marital rape and molestation too. “As these women are now contributing to the family income, they command respect from their families and their relationships with their husbands have improved as the husbands have started believing in their wives’ capabilities,” says Lee, a volunteer from Taiwan, who works with these women now.

Good stuff. The article also has links to other such efforts.

And in other news, it snowed here!!!!! I must say it was the first time I saw snow falling and the ground turning white [I have seen pre-snowed ground, and snow that falls and melts when touching the ground, but this was the complete experience :) ].

In still other news, I will be flying to India this Friday. yay!


  1. Hey Animesh!!!

    Good news for women in your country! I hope it continues in that direction!!! : )

    And snow today.... Imagine... too... being from So. Cal... So, like you, I was excited to see the snow falling from the sky... But, it didn't stick on the ground... The ground turned white where YOU were?
    How long is your trip to India.. Bon voyage and happy holidays.. Hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends... Leesa

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Hey, I read that article from the feed and was impressed too. There so many such things happening! its really good to know :)
    and have a great flight to India, welcome home!!


  3. really it was impressive stuff...

  4. Anonymous8:38 PM

    A little older, but equally relevant.



  5. me too. Have a great trip!