Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gmail To-Do

Do you, like me, use and love gmail? If so, you will be extremely happy to read about their new to-do feature [ref: ToI].

'nuf said. Go read the article and enable this in the labs features, I have things "to do" :).

P.S. I had recently emailed them asking for being able to make emails "sticky" -- and given you can add emails to your task list, my wish has been granted! Thank you Santa!


  1. Awesome !
    Exactly 2 days back I wished about those sticky email feature coz I was missing out to reply to important emails, and see its there now !

  2. Super glad! This is exactlyy what I needed!!

  3. Ooh, this sounds like something tailor made for Fned. Not only am I a MEGA gmail fan, I'm a super obsessed with to-do-lists freak!!!

    Thanks Animesh for this one!