Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Listen to Me

[update: event link updated. I meant the Paris one]
No really, listen to me, at my second appearance on the K&K podcast, k&k episode 197 - the one where they discuss the beauty of live streaming audio and free speech... and stuff....

You can download the MP3, or listen to it below.

And for those who missed the last one, here is the MP3, and the streaming audio is below.

OK then, goodnight!

BTW, I would love to go to this on Thursday night. What about you?


  1. Rajini6:48 PM

    Hey, good to hear your voice!!

  2. That's right, you're so not funny! ;-) Good stuff there!
    Also, the memorial event at the Church was yesterday not Thursday..

  3. @Princess, thanks. I hope you heard your mention in it too :).
    @JD: Thanks for the compliment ;), and the event update -- I meant the Paris one. Link updated.