Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some Paris Snaps

As I prepare to leave for India [flying to Delhi tomorrow evening], and to lower bandwidths as I travel, I figured I should upload some snaps for you all to see.

Album 1: Winter in Paris: including actual snow at my workplace [as mentioned here]

Album 2: Salon Du Chocolat

And finally, for now,
Album 3: Thanksgiving!

and now, off to sleep, got a long, intercontinental day tomorrow! [and a hectic month :) ]


  1. Have a nice trip!!! What are your travel plans in India? I am leaving for India on Wednesday and already looking fwd to it.

  2. Mary Ann6:28 PM

    Chocolate pictures look great. Was this an event or a regular setup??? I can't believe there were even cacao pods.

    Have a safe trip to India!

  3. "Including ACTUAL snow" you said. What other kinds are found in Paris? :P

    I came looking for an India update though.