Monday, March 13, 2006

India Shining: A video is worth a thousand pics

Harshit sent me this video, which ties in to my post a few days ago.

Watch it [7 mins] if you can, if you don't have the time, watch the last 40 seconds, where they discuss as to "what is it that makes Indians study"

Suddenly, I feel a little happy to see these non-Indians in awe of my culture :-).

But all the same, we must remember that a lot needs to be done before we reach what we deserve... I just hope the huge legions of youth in India get proper guidence as they grow and mature.

Amen to that.
P.S. The marathon is in 7 days, and my knee is busted! Going to the doc tomorrow.


  1. Hey....saw bits and pieces of the video and found it good...but the problem is, my bandwidth is not allowing me to play it properly. Is there any way I can download it and then play..? Or do u have a copy which u can send..? And take good care before u run the long one...

  2. I don't know about download and play possibility, but try hitting "pause" while it loads... go get a samosa.. and hit play... that way it will have time to download a local copy [buffer it in the memory] before playing.


  3. Kimish3:27 AM

    just an observation from the video, the guys ask the lady in the slum hut, how long you have been living here, she says do saal se (thats what I hear) and guy goes from 25 year :)