Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mayhem in Shiva's City

All of you know it by now, about the varanasi blasts. Abhishek Khanna from ITBHU talks about it here. Looking forward to more blog entries from the city itself.

A sad occurance, and a time for calmness and restraint. Everyone in the city is now apprehensive about riots, with the RAF deployed everywhere. I hope that people remember that the reason the terrorists chose to target Varanasi was to cause communal tensions - and if communal violence flares up, they have achieved exactly that.

I wonder what all it takes to prevent such occurances, a sense of responsibility in the powers-that-be to heed to intelligence reports as and when they come in, maturity in the population of the city to make sure that noone provides a safe-house to such criminals ... I wonder.

Sad, and a little worried,
Update: The explosive used, the no-good-causing bandh, and the proposed "yatra". [Everyone knows what happened after his last yatra!]

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  1. ./gaurav6:52 PM

    Sonu Nigam in Indian Idol(commenting about how junta is voting): "hum itne bade bevkoof hain ki bengali sirf bengali ke liye vote karega, himachal himachal, muslim muslim gujurati gujurati... koi bhi ek rashtra ke jaise sochta hi nahin"