Sunday, March 26, 2006

Finally, I am also spring-colored

Spoiler Alert: This post will spill some beans, so watch the movie before reading it. However, even if you think the beans have been spilt [by some spoilsport friend of yours], go and watch the movie, for the feel.

Yes, I finally watched Rang De Basanti. Before you come to me with your criticisms for the delay, I think I have a valid enough excuse - first, I did not watch it since I wanted to be a PhD. Candidate before that [which I am now, BTW, after passing my quals], and then I realized that saturday nights were not free, since sunday mornings were marathon practice times. So, the saturday after the marathon, I was at Naz.

Anyways, this post is not about why I was not able to watch it.

This post is also not a detailed review of the movie, since many people have written that, and have done a good job at it. No point in me reinventing the wheel.

This post is about what I felt during the movie, and that's what it is.

I knew all of them die. I knew they try to kill the defence minister. I knew that Madhavan dies in an air crash. But I did not know about the way they have intermingled the freedom struggle scenes and made it revelant. The cinematography, the acting, the background scores - everything was just great! Someday, I shall be able to create a fraction of this effect in my theatre.

I must confess, I was in tears for a large part of the movie, but I think of late I have learnt to not stop them [touchy-feely, I guess]. The tears ranged from missing-home-style during the title song, so happy-for-them during the engagement-ring scene to angry-and-sad-at-the-same-time during the lathi-charge and the commando-attack scene. After a stage, I stopped wiping them, no point.

As H so aptly pointed out, the director gave us "breaks" to wipe our tears and compose ourselves before launching another salvo of emotional scenes at us - very aptly done. BTW, H is an american and liked her first hindi movie so much that she is going to recommend it to her friends!

I especially loved the fact that they did not justify the killing of the minister - shown when Karan says "sorry" to the school principal who calls him.

In my view, what the movie tries to say is that situations are as sad today as they were under the British Empire -- and the people are noting that -- except no one is doing anything, and it definitely succeeds in conveying the message.

It was also interesting to see that the situations here in the US is no different -- if pilots die due to low-grade airplane parts there, then young soldiers of this country die fighting a war that was not needed. Same problems, different flavors.

I loved the message the movie gives, if you feel bad about stuff, go in and clean it -- no point in staying away and giving gyan.

So, now that each of us have seen the movie, it is time to act. Given that you belong to the intelligentsia of your nation [whichever nation you belong to], what are YOU going to do to improve your nation's status?? Let us all know by posting a comment to this post. And then, visit this a year later and see where you are.

My plan:
Finish PhD, join ITBHU as a prof. Make sure I instill these values in my students, so that they go out and become good citizens, who don't indulge in corruption etc.

What about you?
P.S. Here is the wonderful "Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna", just in case you wanted the words.

Update: Thanks for the comments so far, but please realize that this is not about how the movie was made, but about how you will contribute for your country. It will be great if your comments are in that line.
Looking forward to some insightful ones,


  1. RangDe ITBHU

    well "spring-colored" in the new blog theme nowdays..

  2. hii...i too loved the movie and fully agree with u....instead of saying that the system is bad we all should awaken and do something for the country...hats off to your plan of joining BHU as a prof.I plan to fight elections 10 years down the line....

  3. white carnation7:43 AM

    I haven't seen the movie, but I'd say this whole 'Generation Awakens' thing is more than just a catchline. There's tons of good happening, although a lot more needs to be done. We're probably the first generation that sees socialism for what it is, and for what it isn't. So, a good number of us know how to make our money, live out our interests, retire rich and fulfilled. This luxury didnt exist with most from the previous generation. They just retired, comfortable. In the throes of socialism.
    Now the nitty-gritties :
    There are many ways to contribute : 1) direct - give a man a fish,
    2) indirect - teach a man to fish, or help raise money to start a fishing school.
    a) From my school days, I've been giving 1000 bucks to provide a day's meals to a leprosy rehab center on my bday. All old people. I'd rather take money from my parents to do that, than to treat some well fed children to ice-creams.
    b) There're marathons to run, smalltime concerts to perform for and money to be raised. (DISCLAIMER: Marathon = future plan. rest all = present).
    c) Teach maid-servant's kids.
    d) Volunteer service at service organizations for a few weekends a year.
    e) sponsor a kid's (Not your own) edu.
    If you look closely, there's always money, time and effort and talent you can spare. This generation grew up exploring their talents and intellect. There's all that, and there's the intention to contribute. Things're looking good, I'd say.

  4. 3 comments:
    Firstly, tears sometimes naturally come to my eyes while watching movies.. though i have never visibly admitted them before... guess that doesnt look 'man-like' or whatever.. the article 'touchy-feely' makes good sense! Also, i loved a line in the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.. "Tears are not sign of weakness but sensitivity" .. so its good to preserve them.
    Secondly, the movie theme was definitely good and yes, the freedom struggle scences were made relevant to the present theme. However, critically speaking, the movie was a bit exaggerating the present scenario.. IMO.. u can't really compare the lathi-charge with jalianwala bagh.. there were many such incidents at the end.. which made my opinion about the movie not that grand.. anyways its a personal view.
    And finally, u made a great decision to go back to BHU.. I am irresolute at the moment about any plans!

  5. Anonymous8:44 AM

    hmmm...The movie took off quite well with bunch of college kids ,their life n stuff...It was also good till the time when these people realised ho0w much has gone into our freedom struggle..Then came the point when they start identifying with the roles they played..very good!!this was till where i liked the movie..then it took a very wrong direction(in my opinion)..i think it would have been more relevant had they shown an idea of revolution that was more logical in todays scenario..I mean, there are better ways of bringing about a revolution than going around and killin people...
    This is what made the movie a li'l illogical to me...though the message it tried to convey was understood...

  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    for me charity starts at what i plan to do is sponser my cousin sister's higher education because her family is undergoing a financial crunch...other than that i plan to join some NGO some years down the line leaving my IT job workin for the cause of poor children who need education more than anything else....

  7. Hi,
    I have a wee bit different idea about doing an rdb. I remember being all for great ideas during my student days.
    Its when u enter the big bad world of being a proffesional, that these ideals are tested.
    I am able to still believe in those ideals because I had an exceptional manager.
    What's my point? The students are being ably guided in India, its the proffesional environment that sucks. So, my idea of doing an rdb is creating a workplace, company if need be that respects an individual, his ideas and protects his space and freedom and then make this endeavor successful. I know, google seems to be doing similar stuff, but the world and india in particular, needs a 100 more goolges to take heed.

  8. Anonymous12:28 PM

    kudos to mihir !

    watch Being Cyrus too , its exceptionally unique .

    coming back to rdb Consciousness is all dwelt inside . look at sonia gandhi resigning and the lots following sport to show their support :)).

    If one of mihirs or some other 100 googlers were to form a parallel government of proffessionals, where entry wud be strictly proffessionally biased and give recommendations to the 'elected' ppl of the country , i might like to live the dream of india in 'that' india.

    After all , power is at the centre , one of us has got to get there and make our voice be heard.

    its just common sense.

  9. Anonymous7:46 PM

    good ....nice ideas..abt me..i dont have any future plans...but i have present plans..i am gng to join (volunteer) a small NGO this saturday to teach poor children and to support them in whatever way i can..

    My only motive is to bring smile on those little faces...hope i get to enough courage to smile in front of them :)

  10. good one... der aaye lekin khuda ka shukra hai aaye to ... abhi is deri ke liye ek baar phir dekh lena deri ki kasar poori ho gayi...
    As far as doing a rdb is concerned, best of luck i'll prefer being on the radio :D ..
    jokes apart ... it's a really kool idea that comes to every youngster's mind when he watches the movie. But it is the lower level that we will have to start with. And the worst thing with this fight is that we will have to start as an individual and try to team up. The stage between teaming up and starting is the one that would be the most difficult... Let's hope so that everyone finds what he wishes to do :)

  11. I remember thinking of you when I watched this movie, and I'm sure it's rather obvious to many as to why I did. But it's not just a matter of your being a patriot.

    Very often, people DO want to actively bring about change, but simply don't know how. Many spend time trying their hand at different things till they finally find something that gives them satisfaction and seems like a worthwhile cause. Others look at great people who have already done something for their country, and treat them as role models. The curious thing about you is that you have become a role model FOR those who are trying to figure out how best to give back to the country, by actively, enthusiastically carving out your own path and taking that path, with no fear at all, but a smile on your face.

    (I'm sure all this sounds immensely complicated and people who look at the comments page might do well to skip mine).

    For someone like me, who is hopping between quagmires, just the sight of someone like you, who stands on solid ground is tremendous encouragement to roll up my sleeves and make a change.

    "Aur mohe tu rang de basanti yaara, mohe tu rang de basanti!!"

  12. I'd prefer doing something to promote education. Not figured out yet. About time I should.

  13. improving schooling in india has always been one of my interests. how deeply i can get involved with the education system depends largely on where i plan to settle down in the long run. however, irrespective of that, i will probably be looking for opportunities to write state or central board textbooks for all classes.

  14. Hey...
    sorry for being so late in commenting...but a rib injury (yeah, almost broke it) and lots of work kept me away. Coming to the point...

    1. I am working towards a career in films, and the biggest reason is, that gives me a medium to bring about the social change and comment constructively upon the issues which affect my nation and her people.

    2. A Mass media publication of my own, is always in sight. Again, lots of scope to work with/for society, and provide a similar platform to many.

    3. An NGO, which empowers people with Information, is another plan. (Currently at very nascent stage though, i must admit.) This one would be based somewhere in eastern UP, so Pathak, you (and your students from IT-BHU) will be a big part of it, I am hoping. :-)

    And lastly, you are a role model for many...just keep that spirit aglow.

    - V

  15. Hi Pathak...

    I watched Rang De Basanti. It was okie...creatively made. I had written a brief commentary at my blog U cud chk it out.

  16. Ok here are my answers!

    Q. What exactly do I think should be done in the motherland?

    Education made value based, innovative and accessible to all..infact compulsory. Frst this...the rest wud follow by themselves as Indians are totally intelligent.

    Q. Who do I think will do it?
    Each one of us who have realised this.

    Q. What part will I play?
    Depends on how my career takes it shape. The least I'd do is stay conscious of my responsibility (I'd call it duty rather) in every single social action of mine.

  17. Pulkit Agrawal9:02 AM

    Its nice to see the rising consciousness among the people - Its seems that - "Chakka ghoomne laga hai!!! " :)

    But I think words-ideas-dreams are useless until put into action. I pray to lord to give you strength to fulfill what you aspire.

    As for me - I plan to open a small NGO paralell to by business and god willing adopt-love-educate a child. Who in turn shud do the same .... and so on!!!