Friday, October 21, 2005

Touchy-Feely Engineers, Skid Row and Hunger

Abhishek sent this amazing article [alt link, alt PDF link] about an engineer's account and how apparently girls think we can be too "you know, very logical and everything... not very touchy feely".

A nice article, I would recommend all you engineers and engineer's friends ;-) to go read this.

Well, speaking of myself, I have been feeling very moved recently reading this chain of articles about the people on skid row here in LA, the dark underbelly of Los Angeles, less than 4 miles from where I live. The author talks about how people die everyday in this area from drug overdoses, and prostitution occurs in portable toilets... the list goes on and on. Remember to read from part 1 onwards. It is really worth the time.

There is also this moving article about this musician who lives there because he is ill, but gets a chance to visit the Disney Concert Hall.

Very touchy.... and people label us engineers as non-touchy!

Luv and Luck,
P.S. I and a bunch of friend are participating in the fast-a-thon today. No food or water since sunrise. I have deep respect for all muslims who fast for the whole month!


  1. The touchy feeling thingie article is actually what motivated Chetan Bhagat to write his second book... One Night @ Call Centre.. releasing sumtime in October... more detials chek out: ON@TCC

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  4. you're welcome3:06 AM

    Who's he trying to kid? We all know indian engineers have almost zero interpersonal skills. Add to that bloated egos and convoluted gender notions and you get the perfect recipe for a consistent failure at relationships.

    I mean come on.. you posted a "ooh someone loves me.. " on your blog...
    how geeky is that...