Friday, October 28, 2005

Updates on the Baby Dumping Case

The Daily trojan has a bunch of articles today about the Holly Ashcroft case, which was covered on this blog here and here before.

- Ashcraft case affects 2-9 cafe

- Sex ed may have impacted Ashcraft

- Media use of Facebook profile sparks discussion

The lawyers claim that the baby was stillborn, and the police report says that the baby was 30-32 weeks in gestation only. I wonder why they cannot just check for inflated lungs and verify once and for all about the stillbirth, since the baby's lungs swell only when she takes her first breath, outside the mother's body.

The last two articles raise a couple of interesting questions - can a newspaper get sued for breaching copyright [of the facebook, in this case]? Does teaching an abstinence-only sex-ed really help?

Interesting are the days we live in... so much changing... so fast...


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