Monday, October 17, 2005

School scores versus JEE ranks - interesting study

So apparently, students who did well in school topped classes better in the JEE schools [if they qualified JEE, that is] than the ones with just great JEE ranks and bad high school marks.

Read more here.

I guess this goes on to show the fact that learning over a long period of time is different from learning for a specific exam.

Or does it show that our education system makes the sharp-brained JEE high scorers bored with what they have to offer? I personally saw a couple people (with better JEE ranks that I) getting horrible grades in ITBHU with me, but excelling in what they liked at the same time.

I wonder ... I wonder... any gyan from you, dear reader?

In other news, I named my steed [my bike, thanks to Gaurav who donated it to me when he graduated and we ceased to be roommates].

His name is Rocinante, named after the horse of Don Quixote :-). Whaddaya say?

And for those of you who do not know, my car's name is Jean-Luc Accord, after him.

Anyways, enough for this post, now back to work!

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  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I have not read the article but what u wrote as the crux of the study, that the JEE rankers with bad scores in school also feature with bad grades in JEE colleges, I can say (as a subject of the study myself, I don't know whether it will be self praising, but I don't care...) that those high JEE rankers are very focussed personalities. Very early in their life they have practiced figuring out the importance of things. They can't do things without knowing exactly what that will lead to. In other words thay can't cram info without analysing whether it is important or not. They can't waste a trace of their brain with the useless information which a junk guy (deciding the course material) thinks, is important. They are a bit self centred persons as they can't do things just to please someone. High graders will obviously disagree that their hard earned grades are a waste of time. But the good thing is that this way these guys learn to seperate important things from the junk, which is very important. And as they have practiced this art from the beginning, they are usually good thinkers, managers, obviously better achievers (as they put their energy when it matters).

    There is a shoratge of such guys, but they usually converge and sieved through the process of JEE.

  2. hehe..nice names..

    I wonder what was your undergrad CGPA ?


  3. Dear anon: You say a very valid point, however, at the age of the undergrad, once does not know what is useful and what is not.

    One example from my life is vector algebra, a subject that seemed non-sensical to a lot of my friends. However, I realized later how important it was, and that is has importance in web-search also!

    I feel what is more important that getting good grades in a semester is remembering that knowledge and being able to use it in later life also. No point in just cramming up information and then forgetting it. Sadly, our system (more often than not) does not do justice to checking the knowledge learn in the previous semesters.

    And yes Gaurav, although my CGPA was not 10/10, it was pretty close :-).


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  5. I've put some comments on my blog...just read it.

  6. Here I would like to add onething.
    And that is I don't think only good scorers in JEE and good CGPA holders do well in life and achieve
    more than any others.My school's first boy and few others had not done good in JEE and never scored high CGPA but they are now established in their fields.They are in NPCIL(Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd) working as scientists in different grades few are in Jadavpur University few in DRDO,one is in Vidhanchandra Krishi Vidyalaya.They had reached in their destinations.I think these
    good ranks and high CGPA don't matter.The things that matter most are how focussed and determined a person is.Anyways,this is my view.
    Views vary from person to person.I welcome your opinions.

  7. you're welcome10:06 AM

    I think you're missing the very point that anon is trying to make.
    Maybe "you" did not know as an undergrad what you wanted to do (I know I didn't..) Being a grad school hasn't helped either. Maybe the crux of the matter is, place is life doesn't matter, some people just figure out what's important to them a whole lot sooner than others, some never do..