Monday, October 03, 2005

Nexus between railways officials and fraudsters in Bangalore!!

Hi all,
A fellow ITBHU alumnus sent this today. I was extremely moved by what happened to him, and deeply respect him for the courage shown. Please read on and help him in his effort, by letting your friends know about this, if nothing more.

And yes.. this is NOT a hoax letter. I know this person.


I would like to bring to notice a certain injustice that I have subjected to at the Bangalore Railway Station (Majestic). On September 30 (Friday), 2005, I had been to the station to see off my fiance and her mother. They took the Karnataka Express (Train #2627) to Jhansi at 6:30 pm.

On my way out I was asked to present my platform ticket by a railway official. On producing the same, the TT turned around and told me "What if I say that you haven't given me the ticket?" Before I could react, he along with his colleague pushed me into the adjacent enquiry cabin and physically manhandled me. I was slapped several times, my spectacles were grabbed and deliberately crushed by foot, and my phone was flung away from me. The RPF comprising of one RPF and four constables, appeared on the scene. The surrounding public was whisked away. None of the railway police officials cared to listen to me and they started hitting me indiscriminately with lathis. They dragged me out, and all the 4 constables continued hitting me with lathis from Platform 1 to Platform 3/5, till we reached the station master's cabin. Racist abuses and threats were made on the way. At the station master's cabin, I was told that I have been charged with a non-ba! ilable offence and would be behind bars for 15 days.

Not for a single moment was I allowed to speak. All of a sudden a stranger came to the scene and he claimed that he was there to help me. Having lost all my physical strength and mental senses, I was happy to see some sort of help. He, claiming to be V Srinivas from Infosys, talked to the officials and the railway police in Kannada. He told me that the only way I was to get out was if I was willing to pay my way through. Being in no state to make a rational choice, I gave him my ATM card and pin. He took one of the RPF chaps along with him and said he would clear the matter. He returned some time later saying that everything was okay now.

I was asked to sign a statement which said that I hit the police and TT in a drunken state. I refused. Finally, they pressurized me to write that I did not produce a platform ticket when asked. I wrote the same and then V Srinivas took me out of the station. He joined me in an auto and took me to the ICICI ATM at Anand Rao circle. He withdrew Rs. 15000 from my ATM and got back. he took the cash under the pretext that while helping me he had left his wallet in the train he had left behind and that he would return the same through his ICICI Internet account. Having broken down mentally I did not realise that I was being cheated. He then took me to a Samsung showroom and tried purchasing a cellphone worth Rs. 18500 with my card. It was only then that I realised what was happening. I grabbed my card back, caught him by the collar, snatched my cash that lay in his pocket, and got into a running auto.

I have now realized that all of this was a plan. There is a strong nexus between the railway officials, the railway police and the fraudster. The railway officials identify a victim who they think is well-to-do, the RPF beat that individual till he has no physical or mental well-being. Then this fraud chap comes on to the scene, takes advantage of the situation, and takes all your cash away. Also, this series of events generally occurs on the last day of the month as they know that the salary gets credited on this day. (This strikes me now because the self-proclaimed Infy employee, V Srinivas, clearly asked me whether I had received my salary. He said that he just wanted to find out if there was cash enough to tackle the case.)

Now three days hence, I have tried to run from pillar to post. I have been forced to miss office hours in my effort to get justice. But I don't want to give up the fight midway. If any of you are in the media, or have friends/relatives who are in the industry, I'd like to speak with them about this in greater detail. I can be reached on 09886179319 or 08030933067. I believe it would catalyze my efforts.

Also, please pass this email to all the people who reside in Bangalore, so that they don't fall into the same trap.

Nimish V Adani
IIML Batch of 2003
ITBHU Batch of 2001


  1. By reading itself, the episode seems to be so terrifying. Nimish has shown great courage to stand & fight against the culprits and not letting this off as an one-off incident. These type of incidents again make me think about the burgeoning gap between the state of law & order/civic sense and the economic progress. This statement seems to be contradictory but true in Indian context, courtesy the people who without any hardwork just want to thrive as parasites in the society.
    I do wish Nimish best of luck and appeal everyone to extend help to him, in whatever capacity possible.


  2. Extremely shocked to read this .. terribly shameful and disgusting. Act like this happening in Bangalore is even more dissapointing. A city we know as a progressive and cosmopolitan one.

    This needs to be taken up at whatever level possible to teach these hooligans in uniform a tough lesson.

    I'd suggest if Nimish can remember and post names of those involved it will be easier to nab and expose these parasites.

    This has to go out to anyone who can help and if nothing then we can use the reach of the internet to take it to those who can help.

    Thanks Animesh for sharing.

  3. That's quite a story! Awesome blog, by the way.

  4. Anonymous5:14 AM

    that's not just a story dude. it's a tragedy that all those who speak for truth and justice hardly get any attention or recognition from the one who are in control.
    The whole system is corrupt. U, Me and everybody else is part of this system and each one of us has gone through this at some point in time. only few of us raise our voices and we know what happens to the whistle blowers like Satyendra Dubeys.
    Fortunately Media is one place we can find some solace.

  5. Adarsh Jain7:14 AM

    I have all my sympathy with Nimish and am not sure if anything could be done in situation like this it seems like a Jungle Raj .

    But I am not sure why the person didn't withdrew the maximum allowed cash in a day say 25000/day in ICICI when Nimish had given his ATM and PIN to him. He cud have bought the mobile also at that time only why he has to go with nimish and do the same, any one fraud to this extent can easily copy the signature on the back of ATM card??

    trical 2004 ITBHU

  6. Anonymous7:53 AM

    I think such Railway Officials and Fraudsters do exist. This is reality and should be dealt with sternly. Mr.Nimish should have gone to some Newpaper office and reported it then and there. The media would have blown this up and the culprits would have been brought to the book.
    This does happen in Bangalore guyz and the sad fact is that I suppose many of these issues go unreported.

  7. The guy should approach the media NDTVs,
    Aaj tak or though some contacts IAS etc. This is the only way to make this public.

  8. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Ya, the act was really disgraceful.From my side ,I have passed this write up to my brother,he is an Astt. Producer in INDIA TV,Noida. Probably he could do something in this matter.

    Amit Pandey 05 batch

  9. Pooja5:03 PM

    A similar thing happened to my relative at Bandra railway station a few years ago. The relative was an NRI female ..she wasnt manhandled but they demanded all the dollars she had and she gave 300 dollars to a uniformed RPF when they threatened her.

    We coudnt do anything at the state level about this as we had no names of the railway officials.

    We wrote a registered letter and sent it to the Railway Ministry, Home Ministry, CM on the state and two three other big names (no other action was taken by us) describing the incident , place and time. Within 2 weeks to our surprise, a big van of railway officials came to my city (about 600 kms from Mumbai) to our office and gave those 300$ to our office clerk ,took him to a lavish lunch and requested that please request your boss not to aggravate the matter. He was even willing to pay more than the initial 300$ he had taken by fraud.

    So please write a letter to the higher levels addressed directly to the people on the post, send multiples copies of this addressed to the PM,CM with the exact dates and times of waht happened. Even in India justice does happen!

    If you try to take this people to court for being manhandled things will get very complicated(they mite hire goons etc)..but at least try to get your money back!!

    Another relative of mine(65 your old NRI male) was taken to the Bandra railway station and stripped off by RPF's. 6 lakh rupees in indian currency were robbed from him.He kept this to himself for 2-3 months and suffered a stroke due to this. He revealed this after 2-3 months of the actual incident , so we cudnt do much about it.

    So please be careful..especially NRI's...the RPF normally harass people with "SQUARE" bags which look NRIsh.

  10. Anonymous7:00 PM

    That's really bad.

    Nimesh, ICICI ATM video cameras would have captured the photo of culprit (urf V Srinivas). Get that, otherwise it's difficult to do anything without names. There are lot of IIML graduates in ICICI, send this to their mailing list and they should be able to do something about getting that video.

    best of luck.


  11. Thats why I am racist against south indians and mainly kannadigas as I had a similar but mild experience at Bangalore bus depot. Even in Madurai some years ago my family and my dad's friend's family had an unpleasant experience. These south indians think that theirs is a separate country altogether.

  12. dear aky

    as much as I sympathize with the person involved, your comment is in bad taste ..... i am sure similar unfortunate incidents have happened to s indians in N India .... so i guess the focus should be on the problem and not on being a troll ..

    a naturalized bangalorean

  13. Really sad to read that.

  14. Anonymous1:57 AM

    i was shocked to know about this event cuz it is something i had never xpected would happen cuz the police there is to help ppl and not to take advantage of ppl.
    i'll try to my best to see if any of my freinds uncles or freinds can help u .
    and yeah it is good to know that u are fighting for justice and not just letting it go because those ppl are supposed to go behing bars they have no right to treat an innocent man like this.

  15. Anonymous4:32 AM


  16. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I have forwarded this message to my friends thats all I can do right now.
    All the best.

  17. Anonymous8:28 AM

    This is really getting worse out here in Bangalore with the police department. I had a similar but not equally bad experience with the police out here. When me and my 2 friends had gone to the Koramangala Police station to complain abuot a drunk mallu who has slapped my friend for no fault of his, we were threatened by the police inspectors and later by an IPS officer that they would book us under the IPC for street fighting and letters would be sent to our company from the police station about the same after which our job and also our travel oppurtunities abroad would be in danger. Can u imagine this!! YES all this is true. I am a Mumbaikar and after this incident all the little respect I had for police in my mind was reduced to null. I have decided never to go to the police station for anything and solve all problems then and there on the street come what may! SOUNDS too harsh!!

  18. Raghuveer9:45 AM

    Thats really very sad on your part.great that u brought tp everyone's notice.Hope everything finds the right end.

  19. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Don't leave this matter Half way , fight till the end. I guess u shud call Star News (Sansani). Try to remember some name /face. I would again say just don't leave this.

  20. Anonymous3:28 PM

    All that each one of us can say is - ooooh! that was bad ! But practically it is so obliviously happening around u that u can do no shit about it ....
    All that one can do is be cautious and careful about such things!
    I have been thru such a state too where I lost my Driving liscence ,, but boy ! boy ! nothing comes for your rescue.... U just ought to be on your guard all the time !

  21. Mates,

    Good news ! This article finally gets Media attention .. it has been published on the homepage of Times of india online

    TOI News

    Hope Nimish soon gets justice !

  22. Some more!

    Thanks to my friend and colleague Rajnish, who managed to get it to one of his Bihari friend, who initially suggested that only one person can help in this matter: Laloo prasad yadav. I was not too excited about the idea, but finally he has got some of his links (Rana Singh) to utilize their links and below is the letter that has been sent out to higher authorities, just give the content a look:

    The DRM,
    Southern Railway
    Bangalore Division

    Dear sir,

    Please look into the matter regarding the letter received by me and take necessary action immediately and punish the guilty officials after conducting immediate inquiry and intimate the same to me failing which i shall be bound to take up the matter with the judicial machinery for justice and for saving human rights.

    Thanks and regards,

    Rana Singh
    Alumni LNMI (Patna) and IIM's (Kolkatta)

    CC TO
    1. Sudhir Singh, APS To Lalu Prasad Yadav, Hon'ble Minister for Railways
    25, Sagdarjang Marg, New Delhi
    2. Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, Hon'ble Minister for Railways, Rail bhavan,
    New Delhi
    3. Chairman, Railway Board,236, Rail Bhavan, Rafi Marg, New
    & Baroda House, India Gate, New Delhi-110001
    4. Mr. Karuna Nidhan, Aps to Shri ShriPrakash Jaiswal, Hon'ble Minister
    for Home affairs, Room no. 124, North Block, New Delhi
    5. Shri Shriprakash Jaiswal, AB-77, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi
    6. The Director General, National Human Rights Commission, Ministry of
    Home Affairs, New Delhi
    7. Mr. Shiv Kumar, Advisor Vigilance, Ministry
    of Railways, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi
    8. Chief Vigilance commissioner, CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION
    Satarkata Bhavan , A-Block GPO Complex , INA New Delhi - 110 023 TEL :
    24651001-8 FAX : 24651010
    9. ACB, CBI, 36, Bellary Road, Ganganagar, Bangalore
    10. Mr. U. C. Mishra, Director, CBI New Delhi

  23. Anonymous7:46 AM

    This indeed is a shocking incident. why dont you call Star News Programme Sansanee at 0-9818234551. They will surely help i believe. Just call and ask for intervene. They wont let you down.

  24. Anonymous7:54 AM

    alternatively you can write her:
    STAR NEWS Communication
    Media Content and Communications Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    Star News Center, Off Dr. E. Moses Road,
    Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400 011

  25. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Zee News Contact
    Essel Studio, FC-19, Sector 16-A, Noida - 201301, India
    Phone: 91-0120- 2511064 - 76
    Send e-mail to :

  26. NDTV Ltd.
    Archana Complex
    Greater Kailash Part 1
    New Delhi 110 048
    Ph. : +91 11 26446666

  27. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Hi I want to know that wat is the state of this case now as this has got attention of many ppl and ppl at higher places too......surely these kind of things sud not happen and we sud not let these ppl go so easily..that too this has happened to somebody who is well educated and at a good position......this is all which makes india a bad place to work .... where r the ppl who talk bout brain drain etc..... if professionals like nimish r not safe than wat will be the condition of poor just dont leave it like that...still i wud say media is the best way so everybody sud know bout it including the culprits here and everywhere else so that they'll know that they r not safe....
    good luck

  28. sanjeev9:25 AM

    It is very bad behavior, what the Railway’s authority has done with Animesh Pathak, not only railway’s people but also the police, traffic police what they think about non-karnataka people. They do not behave in good manner, it is very bad. Animesh have done very good job. Thanks for putting about this in public.

  29. This got published in yesterday TOI.

  30. hi
    i'm a student of Mech'07 batch IT-BHU and a native of Bangalore.i myself have observed a huge change in the behaviour of bangaloreans in the last few years.bangaloreans who are traditionally known for their hospitality seem to be degenerating into a rude and unconscionable people.once when i wanted a to lodge a complaint regarding the loss of a security pass, i was made to pay a kickback of 65 rupees and 75 paise.i was robbed to the last paisa.the brute even askled me to get him some cigarettes from the nearest shop.ofcourse i didnt do it.but its an ignominy that IITians and IIMites have to face such hardships.can we blame the people who board the first flight to US?some steps have to be taken against such people.some movement shud be started to make india more inhabitable for civilized people.

  31. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Hi to all the USC Desis and WAKE UP indians.

    This is one more incident that we have come to "know", still what we are doing is sympathizing with this guy, who was manhandled, abused and robbed off his money. WE ARE TRULY INDIANS. all we can do is JUST SYMPATHIZE. Our country was divided, riots take place till today, rapes, robberies, extortion EVERYTHING, and what we do is JUST SYMPATHIZE, while sitting on our computers, sipping a good starbucks coffee or a diet coke, and feel SORRY for that poor chap. All we care about is how can we earn more DOLLLARS!! Nothing else.

    I am not giving a lecture, each one of us, whether in india or anywhere on this earth, can help this guy and millions others back in india. Remember, your father, your brother or your sister can be the next one. So start acting.

    I want the USC AIS to offically send a letter to the foreign ministry and each and every person, ministers, home ministry,railway ministry and the Hon'ble prime minister of India, and demand an explanation.

    We have the power to force JUSTICE!! Remember, justice wont come by gandhi ji's methods, there are somethings which have to be forced and get implemented.

    So, if our AIS thinks that this incident is genuine, we shud conevene an emergency meeting of AIS members at USC, and officially start our PROTEST. We have huge numbers, we are intellectuals, even if we assign every student with one responsibilty, we can achieve success.

    Start acting today. I urge the members of AIS, and all fellow indians to come forward and help this guy in his protest.

    I am Vishal Gaurav, USC grad student, and I can be reached at or on 213-926-8973


  32. Anonymous3:01 PM


    This was shameful for RPF and Railway Minister itself, You fight we are at your back. I am Rahul Khanna from ICICI itself, can be reached at 098147-41994.

  33. Anonymous5:21 PM

    this is shocking
    hope nimish gets justice soon

  34. Anonymous6:46 PM

    damn...dis shit aint happenin...hope those fuckers are busted by now! assholes!

  35. To avoid such kind of things, Try to learn a glimps of local language so that you wont be fooled because you could not understand what the offencers were talking about. By that you can talk with guts to show that you are a localite.

  36. Let me be anon3:04 PM

    You are really courageous. Similar incident happened to me in secunderabad railway station some 3 years back. He let me go for 300 bucks. These people line up for a train coming from north. They think that they can ask for any amount of money because we are not aware of south indian languages. I know the name of that person(from his badge) and I can recognize him anytime but I didn't have the courage to do so. I wish his children to be in hell and to die on everyday of their life. He should asked for money from someone else but from a child. I have found a general opinion about these fucking south indians that they have hidden instinct to do bad things, though they appears to be innocent. You go ahead because you are not a kid. My wishes are wd you.