Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Railways allege that Bangalore Techie was at fault!

Note: Please read till the bottom and if possible, send a protest email to stir the conscience of the officials responsible. Email address after the article.

Apparently, the railways officials are alleging that Nimish, whose case was reported here earlier, was drunk while taking to the Ticket Collector and did NOT furnish his ticket!!! They say that Nimish withdrew his complaint was because he realized his mistake. The news was in TOI page 3 of Bangalore edition. [Can someone please post a link to it?] [update: here is the link, thanks to a friend who emailed it to me.]

However, according to this post on Nimish's blog, he had withdrawn his complaint after a request from DCM Anwar Hussain, so that the people responsible, who were then apologetic, did not have to suffer more.

So a decent man takes his complaint back and what does he get? Allegations that his story was false??? Not fair I say.

We all are with you Nimish. You did a good job and I am sure the next time something like this happens, the victim will not stop after listening to a verbal apology, but will take then culprits to court. Thanks for showing us all how to fight for justice and how low these guys can go.

I was chatting with Nimish some time ago and he gave me the email ID of the DCM, who should be ashamed of himself for saving his people while killing justice!

So people, I request you to send emails to Mr. Anwar at anwarirts@yahoo.com letting him know that he has shamed all of his railway official community by taking the side of the wrong-doers.

Thanks all... and Thank you Nimish for being bold through all this!

Luv and Luck,


  1. Getting Nimish fight the defamation case will itself become a big issue of money, lawyers and most important time.

    TOI should have verified(investigated) with Nimish and other people before printing the article. But why will they do it, they wan't the hot story to build up. Who remembers Satyendra Dubey?

    Still I think media should bring up this issue. NDTV/AajTak are you listening ???

  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    kind of strange right?
    In the last message I read, this person was all out fighting for the Justice. Now out of the blue he drops his complaint. (for whatever reason)

    If the reason was he got fed up with the justice system, I will take it, but if you say you forgive all the misdeeds, I can't buy it.

    I am trying to make anything wrong out of Nimish, I understand that anyone of us could have been in his situation. He shouldn't have called quits when he had the media attention. Not bold enough to take it further???

  3. Dear Anon:
    Please read the post on Nimish's blog first and then comment.

    He indeed withdrew his complaint because he thought that justice has been served.

    He has not given up the fight and this post is a part of his ongoing quest for justice.


  4. Hi,
    I'm with Nimish. Be strong buddy; we understand how sincere the Government officials "sound" especially via the media.

    Above all, I feel Nimish has the right to finish this at the earliest and get back to his normal life. What he already did itself is laudatory.


  5. Animesh I think you are wrong when you say that the DCM had let the wrong people escape but rather Nimish is the one who supported them otherwise how could have the culprits escaped??

    I think it will better to send a mail to Nimish rather than Mr. Anwar.


  6. Nimish, your efforts in getting justice is commendable. We are with you. We will not stop at this and at least write a letter to Hussain condemning the way the Railways has handled it. I personally have comlete faith and trust in your side of the story and for once urge all the people to stop looking for a loop hole in the story for once and unite. No one with Nimish's credentials is a fool to unnecessary make such a story and suffer so much. I pity those who still try to find one or the other fault in Nimish pardoning the culprits. He has done enough and it is time for us to take it through our connections in the media and railways to its logical conclusion. For starters I am writing to Mr.Hussain and would once again take up this with some of my journalist friends.
    Ham Ladenge Saathi Kyunki Lade bina Kuch Haasil Nahi Hota

  7. Anonymous7:48 AM

    As educated people who are taught rational thinking let's look at the facts threadbare:

    1. Nimish was *not* fighting for justice, he was fighting as a proxy to deal with his own anger of being humiliated. Justice is letting the rule of law stand, making it take its own course and punishing the guilty. Justice is not feeling good. In that he wasn't aligned with any "larger cause" to prevent this again. Only a full conviction that establishes faith in law accomplishes that.

    2. Indians, even the most educated ones, are surprisingly ignorant of the meaning of justice. It has nothign to do with how you feel at a given moment. That is why killers of sikhs, muslims and hindus eventually get away because our sense of justice is linked with how we feel.

    3. The sharing of tea, milk, late night sms's, etc. are part of a very standard police procedure of concocting things. They do this all the time. Their investigation was simply a first step in chargesheeting. Suspensions are merely a paid leave. Courts have the final say in deciding a punishment.

    4. For people who could have faught this one hard on behalf of Nimish, he has put an egg on their face in his unilateral emotional moment, and in the process got himself hurt. The police were simply following a media strategy to put a wedge between Nimish and his supporters online and he handed it off to them.

    People blame illiterates for turning "hostile witnesses" and protecting rather known criminals -- whether the most corrupt like lalu or the mass murderes. Why blame them when even the most educatd fall for the same trap through their waffly conviction and frailty of their emotions?

    A larger cause for a fight agaisnt police abuse and corruption took a beating in India with this twist. It would have been better if he just took the beating quietly and went home instead of raising hopes and letting people down.

  8. Thanks to all for commenting.

    My 2 cents:
    Dear Anon [The guy above this comment], thanks for letting us know you points by being cowardly enough not to post your name. I can see where all your sermons about justice and doing the right thing are coming from.

    On a different note, we may argue that Nimish did an inappropriate thing by taking this back, but hindsight is always easy.

    There are some who have emailed me stating that they have had similar experiences and that these guys should not be trusted.

    I completely agree, but I myself had never come across something like this in so much detail before. I am sure that one thing coming out of Nimish's incident is that people will know never to trust these "system" people and make sure we always go the full distance.

    I hope that this time, the case will be reopened and justice will be served, fully and completely.


  9. Anonymous10:02 AM

    arre bhai why not post your comments at TOI site...lots of comments may compell them to look at the other side of the story

  10. Shruthi10:44 AM

    I find it difficult to believe that such an incident even occured in the first place, that too in a place like Bangalore. Is it gross exaggeration? Or the whole truth? And if he was that hurt about it, enough to go to the media, then why on earth did he withdraw his complaint? I smell a rat in Nimish's bag.

  11. HOW could you do this Animesh?. That you had to resort to Ad Hominem attacks on the Anonymous commentator. [above]

    Instead of answering the points he raised, you attacked his personality and choice to be anonymous.

    Being Anonymous is NOT the same as being dishonest. And also, to call it cowardly is wrong too.

    It is you who has given anybody the choice to stay anonymous if they choose to on your blog. Yet you attack a person for exercising that choice that you gave him.

    If that poster wanted, he could have conjured up a random blogger a/c to post under, but his choice to remain unnamed does not automatically translate into guilt.

    Also, if he disagrees with you does not give you the right to call him names. Healthy discussion with a wide disagreement of opinions actualy adds to Blog. Please encourage your visitors to leave critical comments, either with full identity or anonymous.

    Other than this, your blog is great reading material.

  12. Satya2:51 PM

    So you chose to attach the anonymous poster for not putting his name , he might be that fashionable to have a blog like you to make you believe him.

    Now coming to my point and don't give me 2 cents, I have enough of Indian Rs with me....
    I believed the story of this Mr Nimish and felt bad for him but also found him to be a spineless fellow. He was manhandled at train station and he chose to let that happen, he would have stayed at platform in that condition and let people know but what he did as a coward he went with some one to withdraw money and then to a mobile phone shop.

    Agree Indian police can start beating anyone but how many will behave like Mr Adani, get beaten and then come home and next day start a mail trail saying that I am from IIM and I have been treated such and such...

    He should have shown some strength of character and protested then and there at the train station, he should have laid on the ground in that wounded state. How could he stand a silent victim that day...

    Even then what happened to him was bad and we all were with him and now suddenly out of blue he withdrew his complaint ??

    What a spineless creature he is...I know you will attack me so do it cause you guys are good at only writing in blogs and attacking people here...

  13. Vineet Kumar3:04 PM

    Nimish acted like what any normal man would do when he was being beaten , I had some sympathy for him .
    After that when he went ahead with his compliant I again felt like I saw a small glimpse of strength and courage in him and appreciated him,
    But with the withdrawal of the complaint Nimish has proved the fact is nothig more than a normal man , infact he has acted irrationaly

  14. Satya3:04 PM

    Sorry for the few spelling mistakes above. I should be excused since I am not from IIMs.

    attach = attack

    he might *not* be that fashionable to have a blog for his id.

  15. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Animesh, I am the anonymous you called a coward. As the owner, you had the option to disable anonymous comments, which you didn't. Some people don't care to get id's at all sorts of sites nor do they care to have their name archived with random, fleeting issues especially of people of pliable morals. Incidentally, I am the guy who introduced you to blogs and who has been through hundred times worse stuff. I am disappointed in the majority of the younger generation -- really had a lot of hopes - getting carried away with their emotions and *unable* to stand up for *any* conviction as Nimish did. Following his father's old-fashioned "let's not fight" middle-class, turn turtle advice. Where is the fearless youth that can look at the larger picture of establishing the rule of law? I hope I am proved wrong, otherwise India will continue to be ruled by a mafia with the facade of democracy.

  16. Dear Anon [and others] :
    Point taken.

    I respect the right given to people on this blog to remain anonymous and comment and shall be careful in future.

    Still, I strongly believe that when we talk of courageous youth and such topics, we should not hesitate to associate our name with our comments. Then again, I might be wrong.

    Finally, just so that all know, one can comment without making an ID, just choose "other" as the option.

    I sure hope [with you] that you are proved wrong and that India does not end as a place ruled by a mafia in the guise of democracy.

    I hope Nimish takes this case up again and carries this to its end.


  17. ramendra7:28 PM

    The Nimish case reminds me of the Bob Dylan song..

    ...How many times will a man fight the war before he's called a man..how many times will he cross the mountains before he's called a man....The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...the answer is blowing in the wind.

    I wonder how many more years and how many more such struggles and srugllers will it take our country to free itself from such crap systems as we have of which we all are prisoners... prisoners of conscience !!

    If the BHU community is worth all our collective education,lets win this battle-and show it to our coming generations that all our education didn't go waste!