Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bangalore Update and Durga Puja Prayers for Asylum inmates

Nimish Adani, the ITBHU guy who was man-handled in Bangalore railway station recently, has a blog now. Go check it out here.

In other news, the Times of India is running an article about the ladies in Ranchi Asylum who are cured now but have been deserted by their families.

From the article:
More than 30 women are still living in the campus despite being cured because their family members have deserted them.

"When any festival is celebrated we miss our family members. This year I will pray to the goddess for going back to my home," said Rajani (name changed), a patient from Bihar. Several women echoed her sentiments.
Read the article here.

I pray for these women, in addition to the thousands who were affected by the recent south asia earthquakes.



  1. Prasenjit Biswas9:40 PM

    Only Prayers won't work out

    I felt really sad after coming to know that the Asylum inmates have been deserted by their families.It is a painful news.They had already suffered a lot in the stage of their mental disorder.So,I think we should make ourselves as well as others,the good human beings aware of such incidents that happening around us.Where are we living and what are we going to do.We all are God's children and once we have to leave this earth.Then what will we answer to His court,when we will be asked what we did in this long period of staying in this beautiful world.Will we tell Him that we enjoyed a lot,we drunk,we danced in discos etc. etc. Then He will be ashamed of Himself creating us.We all are here for some good and meaningful works.I think we all should come forward to find out a solution for these people.

    Prasenjit Biswas

  2. About the asylum inmates, well not exactly related to the issue, but on similar lines is the fact that a lot of old men and women are thrown out or mishandled by family members (sons, daughters, in-laws), and one of the root causes for this has also been the fact that a lot of peope have this mentality of getting precious property(house, office etc) in the name of their children for a variety of reasons, sometimes just for the demand of it, sometimes to save on taxes, u declare property in who's and who's name

    I guess for all these things, at least you should ensure that everything that was yours remains yours till u live, and if your kin doesn't want to have u in their life, well..they might as well be on their own.

    Also today, social service organizations shoud target at such activities, and i m sure that slowly will make their condition better